How to utilize steem-ua in making creative posts for user/community interaction.

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I talked about steem-ua in my previous posts and the reasons why I did delegate 500sp to the project. In this post, I'll simply be outlining steps to take to ensure utilizing steem-ua in improving your influence and one major way is through user/community interactions.

First of all, you would need to know how scores are computed on the platform and I'll explain that below;

How are UA scores computed?
All UA scores are computed daily by first updating the Follower Matrix; we do that by continuously tracking every "follow operation" (= an account following or unfollowing another account) using @holger80's own Beem API for the Steem blockchain. With every new block produced (every 3 seconds), so is the UA Follower Matrix. And all those "follow operations" (~ 150 million currently) for all accounts on the Steem blockchain form a gigantic data cluster of ~ 1.2 trillion EigenValues. We then look at Trusted Accounts to initiate our sub-algorithm "WitnessRank" with: each day, we check all witnesses for being -a- active and -b- up to date, and -c- their Witness Stake; we use that Witness Stake to propagate "Trust" from each witness to the accounts it follows, and who they follow, and who they follow, etc. etc. etc. And after heavy-heavy HEAVY number crunching, as a result, the UA score for each account comes out.

You can check the current UA Top 100 Rank and your own current UA Score & Rank on our website (for your own UA Score & Rank, please log-in via SteemConnect)!

This was gotten directly from steem-ua's intro post and I'm quite sure it's a bit out of date cause little changes has been made to update the system but those will be emphasized on later so you probably need not to worry for the meantime. The above information thus prove quite useful.

How does one increase influence?

Pretty straight forward, you simply need to be active and more importantly interactive. One of the issues with steemit as a social platform is that more users are drawn away from being active because of the mentality of not earning as they would have hoped and this is mostly because whales and minnows omand planktons are torn apart by so many factors such as steem current rate in the market and so any means of earning steem is put into consideration rather than being social as intended so indefinitely, this is what steem-ua hopes to accomplish.

In getting this done, I would put together a competition on steem-ua, apparently this would be the first competition to be hosted with steem-ua and this would require little or less requirements to participate so try as much as possible to build up your ua-score before then.

How can I increase my own UA score?

To put it simple: by being interesting / "attractive" to others. Either you publish interesting content that people want to read and comment on (like @paulag for example), or you own a lot of Steem / SP that you might want to share with the people you interact with (like @thejohalfiles for example), or you do other noteworthy things with that people might be interested in (you form a community like @dtube, @utopian-io, @steemhunt or publish an app like @steempress for example). Being a Top Witness helps as well! ;-)

Futher Tips

Be consistent and interactive, dwell on your strenghts.
Curating helps in returning the favour.
Community participation/follow up on the steem blockchain.


Thank you doc for this....i remember @geke saying this to me today...So i am starting with you...Thank you to steem-ua...i am sp grateful..

I'm glad to have been of help. Stop by anytime.

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