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RE: Announcing the Forthcoming Open Sourcing of UA, Free Accounts Give-Away, Unregistered UA Score & Rank Checking on

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Unregistered UA Score & Rank Checking on

Awesome move! Will take a look how to implement this to @steemnova to delist low-reputation players (multiaccs)


Oow! Please keep in mind the URI service is not intended to attach automated services to! Just a "quick lookup" service for occasional / individual account lookups done manually via the browser.
In order to automate / integrate live UA data, please wait at us deploying the repo(s), and we'll then see if / who's interested in running their own UA nodes. From that point on we'll know what to do with our own UA-API service, which you can then use for @steemnova and/or other use cases.

Okay, clearly understand!

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