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Rank: 344

I've been curious about this thing for weeks! It was eating me up inside! I lost sleep over this! I didn't feel like signing up! I just wanted to know if I was on this list! And if I was on this list, where?!

Rank 344



PS, every account is "on the list"
edit: I'll upvote this message with $0.01 to not lose context of this answer to underneath the giant thread initiated by @phoneinf

Upvoted your comment so u get on top again ;-) Had to give my comment a boost since I got someone that wanted to hide it XD


But let's be real you are one of the better Content writers in here. Should easily be in top 20. Content Creator rank would be something more accurate. Since they are the future of a content network. Who cares about an early adopter that got some quick Tokens. That is not a measure of Intelligence. A true algo would measure stuff as Integrity/Brave/Ability to Argue/Content Integrity/Ability to reply to Arguments. It would also look at what people are doing daily.

That is what is more interesting. I have written 300-400 word comments to some in this top 20 list. They just ignore. How the hell can they be ranked 4000 positions higher than me? In an ideal system their rank would drop massively if they ignore certain questions. The idea of a rank like this is that people can rest on old stuff from 2016. But the truth is that it's daily something that change. We all know the true rank. People that show up daily and produce new original content.

Real content creators has access to the true Gold and Leverage. Limitless content. 1 comment you write has many times more value than what another account does in 30 days. Human rank systems miss so many nuances. Some ppl can leverage stuff up to 1 million followers. Some people are Gods in content creation. Goethe... Mozart... Does anyone comes close? No... So it's interesting to see rank systems but I don't think it will ever be possible to make a real one that has all nuances involved

Yes. LoL is right. I came here to make a joke. Thank you for the kind words and compliments.

Why did you purchase a vote for this comment?

Screenshot (494).png

Like I said, I came here to be humorous and all that paid vote does is make me look like an arrogant asshole! People will think I purchased the goddamn thing.

I don't want this fucking dirty money and I'm forced to flag myself for disagreement with rewards.

If this community wants to vote my posts and comments up organically, good, and for that I say thank you. These fucking paid votes can lick my balls. I don't want them.

You're talking about integrity. I did not buy my way up, I don't purchase votes. Whatever that 344 rank means, it was EARNED.

I think you misinterpret something in my original comment, it was a compliment to you that I thought you should have a higher rank in the system. 😉

Why would it make you look like an asshole? I really don't get that argument. If anyone wants to see why something got boosted they can dive into the source. If people think you purchased they can do an investigation. But I still don't get it since every person can boost something for whatever reason. It doesn't change the original message.

As far as I can tell this is a give and receive system. I think you should have more Stake as I think you will do good with it. If someone doesn't like that they can enable decline rewards. I did not know there was something called dirty money here. But since your aggressive reaction I think it has something deeper to do with money and not the reward given. Thought experiment: If you had your post on decline rewards and it got boosted to the top would it still be dirty money? Since it was done for visibility.

And I'm sure you know that I did not boost your post to piss you off, I boosted it since I thought it had value and that you should be ranked higher in visibility.

Let me start out by saying: You're now chipping away at whatever free time I had left today to produce content on my blog to corner me into a conversation we've already had about two days ago.

I will not be repeating myself.

Thought experiment: If you had your post on decline rewards and it got boosted to the top would it still be dirty money? Since it was done for visibility.

This is not a thought experiment. I already explained to you how I'd feel about that.

Forgive me if these numbers are not precise:

The current cost to push my comment to the top is 18 cents. You placed nearly $4.00 beside my comment. You wasted around $3.80 of the reward pool to place my comment at the top. If something costs 20 cents, you spend 20 cents. If you're negotiating a price with someone, they're asking 20 cents, and you're willing to pay $3.80 instead of trying to get whatever it is for 19 cents, you shouldn't be anywhere near money. What makes it dirty is the fact someone took your $3.80 instead of looking at you like you must be some kind of moron and saying, "No! Dude! Are you crazy? $3.80 is too much! Were you born yesterday? How in the hell did you manage to live this long?" Only the shadiest of all shady used car dealers would take advantage of someone like that. If you wanted to purchase $1000 worth of cocaine, and you knew it was worth $1000 because that was the asking price, even the drug dealer would laugh at you if you offered him $5000. Yes, now I'm rambling on, but this is funny to me.

So, now I've covered again how you've wasted resources by pulling unnecessary funds from the reward pool, like I explained the other day when we had the EXACT same conversation.

So now you throw in the fact you'd like to see my stake grow. We all want that here, so for that, I can say thank you. BUT, I'd also like to see the VALUE of my stake grow. That's important. So, if you want to place nearly $4.00 next to my comments, I'd like to see you go out and purchase 80000 STEEM and power that up. I don't want to see people wasting the reward pool. A 4 dollar vote does not cost 4 dollars, it costs around $64000 and from there you can drop ten $4 dollar votes per day, everyday. You're trying to tell me your approach of placing 10 $4 dollar votes on posts or comments at the cost of $40 per day equaling $14600 per year is supposed to somehow increase the value of my stake?

So now I've explained how you're ripping yourself off. Now I've explained how you're wasting resources. And I've explained how you're ripping off the majority of stakeholders.

Why would it make you look like an asshole?

Do I need to keep talking? Look at how many people got ripped off already. Do you think I want to be the one to blame? I know some people can dig and find out the truth but many don't! They take you for what you are at face value. Is this your first day here? No! So wake up! It's not unusual to see the community frown upon members who self vote their comments at 100% weight to the top of the pile. When they use bots to add insult to injury, we often see flags. I don't want to be that guy, the frickin' douchebag getting flagged over some self-righteous bullshit.

Now can we PLEASE just go back to what this post is supposed to be about? I came here to make a funny, not a scene. Jeez you guys...

Who decides what "unnecessary funds" are? I don't buy that argument at all. Value of content is subjective and the blockchain itself is content agnostic.

The attempt to apply extraneous moralizations on an inherently neutral system has always mystified me.

So I take it you're confused?

He said the vote was purchased for a couple of reasons.

Visibility was one. At the time the top slot only cost about 20 cents. He overpaid. So that was pointless. A waste of money and resources.

He also said it was a tip. So, let's say he tipped me 3 dollars. He wasted his money using a middleman. He could have sent me that 3 dollars directly. Instead, a middle man also earns 3 dollars because that's what the vote cost PLUS the bot earns curation rewards, meaning I got shortchanged on my so called TIP.

Get it? See how wasteful it is?

Would you like me to explain further? Break it down for you piece by piece about how unnecessary it was?

Still mystified about how wasteful some folks have become around here?

Visibility was one. At the time the top slot only cost about 20 cents. He overpaid. So that was pointless. A waste of money and resources. He also said it was a tip. So, let's say he tipped me 3 dollars. He wasted his money using a middleman. He could have sent me that 3 dollars directly. Instead, a middle man also earns 3 dollars because that's what the vote cost PLUS the bot earns curation rewards, meaning I got shortchanged on my so called TIP.

That's true unless someone feels that bot services are beneficial to the STEEM economy, in which case it's more efficient to use one to boost a comment because then you can give to the bot owners/delegators and to you at the same time. From which perspective there is essentially zero waste (not including the "stealing from the rewards pool" argument, which, again, I find quite spurious) because you're being rewarded for the comment, and the bots/bot-owners/delegators for their service. It also increases your reputation number very slightly, as you know (and also know that it doesn't mean too much. Thus: @steem-ua.)

If, however, he's just wanting to give you a gift, it would be more efficient to send to you directly, I agree. Renting delegations to have greater influence on allocating the rewards pool is also a decent option, and much more accessible to those of us that don't have six figures sitting around to pump into buying SP.

Too many people are paid to look away in an economy dependent on attention. There's no way anyone can convince me personally, these services are somehow beneficial.

I see content creators work, publish a post, walk away. They sell their votes. That means someone uses that content creators own SP against them. Their post gets buried under the paid promotions, and they've effectively sabotaged their own business and potential profits.

This place quite literally has it's head screwed on backwards.

I appreciate your response, we just view at things differently.

I look at Trust and Relationships as the main currency.

Putting $4 from the reward pool and giving it to one of the best content creators on Steem I don't see as a waste. For all I know you should have 10% of the daily reward pool. From my point of view I'm making an investment in a Stake holder with integrity. I believe in lavish splash of value as well

And I'm sorry if you didn't appreciate my boost. It was really meant as an act of love XD Won't happen again

Because of the awkward position it put me in, knowing the community in general frowns upon people purchasing their way to the top of comment sections, I'd like to suggest the next time you do that for someone, make it clear you purchased the vote. Clear their name. Don't make people dig for the truth, because they won't. Not many will vote after seeing bot votes on a comment. If this was an insanely popular post, you may have cost me potential profits. Feel free to be stuck inside your own head but I suggest you look around and at least acknowledge how some others feel about certain actions.

If I didn't notice, and if I wake up tomorrow, sign in and see my comment got flagged, I would have been more pissed off than you probably think I am now and those flags would have been your fault.

Do I look like a man of integrity if I'm ranked 344 and use bots on comments? Are you trying to sabotage my reputation while thinking a few dollars would be enough for me to let it slide? You put me in a position where I had to make it damn clear to everyone I had nothing to do with that shitty bot vote.

Think about what I told you the other day. The man who rents a nice car and suit so he can pretend to be a hotshot for the weekend vs the man who owns the nice car and suit with nothing to prove to anyone. The fake vs the real deal. I have nothing to prove. People who use bots with the hopes their opinion will sound more important or the hopes their work will look better; those people are fake as fuck and I don't care who disagrees with me and for what reason.

The interesting thing is I arrive at the same general choice of action from a completely different vector. I (almost always) won't use my borrowed VP or vote bots to push my comments to the top because

  1. I generally don't feel convinced it is worthy of being placed so highly. If I did, I wouldn't hesitate to boost it. (I find the "power up enough STEEM to vote to that amount" argument quite spurious. There's a big difference between a small one-time payment and a huge 13-week long vesting commitment. Besides, when you pay a bot you are rewarding a large investor for vesting their STEEM in the first place, not "stealing from" the rewards pool.) How does the myth of organic value persist on STEEM? It has been mostly pay-to-win here ever since I've been here. The problem with expecting people (whales) to be philanthropic is that most humans are still operating at the level of basic survivalistic fear. The idea of a gift economy still makes no sense to most. We have to come to humanity's level to build a system that works for the present but extrapolates to the future. / end digression

  2. The promotional benefits of being at the top of a comment section are usually outweighed by the negatives of being too much in the spotlight.

  3. The entire senseless, guilt-tripping, pitchfork-wielding masses who insist on hypermoralization of what is essentially just neutral algorithms.

It doesn't matter.

Let's say the reward pool is worth one million (it's currently very close to that number currently). Votes are sold and the buyer is to be content with 10% potential profit. How much is the actual reward pool worth now to the majority? That's right. 100k. I see people complaining about a potential 50/50 share of post rewards, but they're content with a 10% cut of the entire reward pool. That's how backwards this place has become and a lot of people have the nerve around here to defend that as well as give financial advice. Governments don't even take 90%....

Anyway. I don't have time for this discussion today. I realize the issues I have fly over most heads here anyway.

I don't hold that same view. I think most are fine with upvotes. I think you take things way too serious. I don't think this place will thrive with dead seriousness about every single action happening. I don't agree with that view of being mega serious about every single thing.

You are trying to find a conspiracy in just a small loving action I tried to do. I love your work and personality but this is just too much. I love your Logic but using Logic to analyse a human with a heart and soul is the wrong tool. The Intellect is a cutting tool. If you use the Intellect on a Flower you will just have a bunch of pieces. Not a flower anymore.

I have people doing huge loving actions to me. I could go and try to analyze it all and probably find all kinds of stuff. But it's waste of time we are just humans trying to do our best. We need more love and understanding on this planet! We have Give and Receive on this planet. We need both! So we can build a better world together! 🌎❤️

Okay can the guilt trip. I tried my best to explain this to you. You're telling the guy who can't go a day here without writing stupid jokes that I take things too seriously. Obviously, instead of attempting to at least focus on what I'm trying to say, you'd sooner make me out to look like a fucking moron.

All this peace and understanding shit and you're not even willing to acknowledge the real world around you.

You're wasting my time.

This is ridiculous. It wasn't even two days ago I explained to you exactly how I feel about people buying their way up to the top. Two days later, what do you do? You go ahead, ignore everything I tried to tell you about how I personally feel about it, stab me in the back, and push my dumb joke to the top here. So now, at this point, the joke isn't at the top because it's funny, it's at the top because someone decided to put it there. That takes all of the meaning away from the joke. The joke is now pointless. The artform is dead. Entertainment value shot. My comment can no longer move up the ranks and become more popular as times passes, naturally. It's already there, can't go no further. You took a joke about being arrogant and turned it into looking like actual arrogance. Humor is all about the delivery. That joke is funnier way down at the bottom. At least down there, the irony still works.

Then you come at me with this being helpful peaceful and understanding shit all while making it crystal clear you have no intention of ever understanding another perspective that is not your own.

I will not be wasting my time speaking to you in the future. Two days ago I clearly wasted time now that I see your actions speaking louder than your words. Let me guess, you see it differently so therefore I don't have a problem? Right? Anything I say, no matter how many different approaches I take in explaining my perspective to you, my perspective does not exist because you see it differently and just can't seem to figure out what the issue is because of intentional ignorance. You've frustrated me beyond repair today. I'm done.

that is weird someone would pay a bot to upvote someone else's comment randomly.

Yes give value to another human is very weird 👮

I guess I can see it... it's like a tip.

This post has received a 9.96 % upvote from @boomerang.

I did not purchase this vote. Please remove the vote. I don't want your dirty money.

Hahaha! I read the discussion between the two of you on another post! ;-)
Here, have a real, completely un-promoted, upvote by me then! :P

And again another small upvote to not lose context.

@nonameslefttouse : now I understand! It does feel embarrassing when your comment is promoted against your will!

Thanks. And I'm sorry for making a scene here. I was just joking.

No worries, I appreciate a good laugh every now and then!

I can see the future fight between some Humans hating on Robots already giving them value I try to work on Win-Win solutions with Bots and AI working together 😂

Wow! argument and playful like this do energize and also someone guys are good....

If I had hands I would give you thunderous applause.

Just stand in front of a fan and let the wind do the talking.


This is the comment to be upvoting!

Looks like you saw the mess I made here. LOL!
I need to stay away from the trending page.

If you don't want upvotes, maybe a tip will do - tip!

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