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I don't hold that same view. I think most are fine with upvotes. I think you take things way too serious. I don't think this place will thrive with dead seriousness about every single action happening. I don't agree with that view of being mega serious about every single thing.

You are trying to find a conspiracy in just a small loving action I tried to do. I love your work and personality but this is just too much. I love your Logic but using Logic to analyse a human with a heart and soul is the wrong tool. The Intellect is a cutting tool. If you use the Intellect on a Flower you will just have a bunch of pieces. Not a flower anymore.

I have people doing huge loving actions to me. I could go and try to analyze it all and probably find all kinds of stuff. But it's waste of time we are just humans trying to do our best. We need more love and understanding on this planet! We have Give and Receive on this planet. We need both! So we can build a better world together! 🌎❤️


Okay can the guilt trip. I tried my best to explain this to you. You're telling the guy who can't go a day here without writing stupid jokes that I take things too seriously. Obviously, instead of attempting to at least focus on what I'm trying to say, you'd sooner make me out to look like a fucking moron.

All this peace and understanding shit and you're not even willing to acknowledge the real world around you.

You're wasting my time.

This is ridiculous. It wasn't even two days ago I explained to you exactly how I feel about people buying their way up to the top. Two days later, what do you do? You go ahead, ignore everything I tried to tell you about how I personally feel about it, stab me in the back, and push my dumb joke to the top here. So now, at this point, the joke isn't at the top because it's funny, it's at the top because someone decided to put it there. That takes all of the meaning away from the joke. The joke is now pointless. The artform is dead. Entertainment value shot. My comment can no longer move up the ranks and become more popular as times passes, naturally. It's already there, can't go no further. You took a joke about being arrogant and turned it into looking like actual arrogance. Humor is all about the delivery. That joke is funnier way down at the bottom. At least down there, the irony still works.

Then you come at me with this being helpful peaceful and understanding shit all while making it crystal clear you have no intention of ever understanding another perspective that is not your own.

I will not be wasting my time speaking to you in the future. Two days ago I clearly wasted time now that I see your actions speaking louder than your words. Let me guess, you see it differently so therefore I don't have a problem? Right? Anything I say, no matter how many different approaches I take in explaining my perspective to you, my perspective does not exist because you see it differently and just can't seem to figure out what the issue is because of intentional ignorance. You've frustrated me beyond repair today. I'm done.

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