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RE: Announcing the Forthcoming Open Sourcing of UA, Free Accounts Give-Away, Unregistered UA Score & Rank Checking on

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yes well, delegation placed ...
i dont know, i'm from the gravelpits/#fuckflanders, this is how i sound if would give a friend advice ... i'm not from beverly hollywood, SERIOUSLY i think you're checkmating yourself, giving everyone who can read the opportunity to game your system.

the system that was gonna change everything so yea, i think it's a daft move, probably induced by beggars who couldnt hack a tree with a chainsaw. The upside might be any github-clown could now start voting bots at 25sp entry level, which in the end is good for me ... but its a shame to see you cave in, but its also not up to me to tell you what to do.

If my opinion puts me on the blacklist like moonbot would do, just let me know so i don't waste time.

It must be nice to have a head that's not constantly thinking about next weeks money :)

if i might make a suggestion, i might ask to add more steps between 100sp and 250sp ... 4votes -5votes-6votes, the 150 step is steep for little people like me and below

as for the rest, i only vote witness with my main account, i dont believe in one acount pp but i do believe in one witness vote pp, otherwise any millionnaire can just vote himself into a cushy cozy seat upthere

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