My grandson is a passionate gardener, totally like his grandfather)

in #ua2 years ago

Hello dear eSteemians!

As the weather is nice, I spend almost all my days outside. It is difficult to make yourself stay at home and there is no need in it. I am on pension now and can walk with my little grandson all the time. Kirill is happy to go out too. When I go to the country-house, I take him with me. He helps me to water flowers and vegetables there. I think Kirill will be a passionate gardener in future, totally like his grandfather. The child is only three but he is already a big helper. He prefers to help me about the garden to all the games and I appreciate it. These weekend I am going to my country-house again and I will take Kirill with me. Love your family dear eSteemians as it is the most precious treasure.


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