UChain - New way in the direction of functionality and decentralization

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  The target user base is focused on the mass market. Users benefit from the development of the platform due to cheaper access to services and utilities, whereas developers and companies can use the platform for the development of dApps and attract a larger flow of interested participants.  

  The main advantage of the project-instead of developing a specific service or enterprise that uses a business model based on sharing, the company aims to become an example for the creation of a variety of functional diverse projects, the main infrastructure of the UChain. The platform will allow to develop URC-1 tokens along with a wallet and decentralized exchange.  

During the ICO, it is planned to raise about 21 million dollars. The price of 1 ETH will be equivalent to 5.000 UCN tokens. The distribution of funds will be as follows:  

  • 35% - Research and development;
  • 30% - Marketing and development;
  • 30% - Global operations and expansion;
  • 5% - Advisory.

  The main goal of UChain is to develop a service that focuses on the development of decentralization of the economy in a more independent format. The introduction of blockchain technology is primarily intended for the creation or distribution of cryptocurrencies, which has the greatest impact on the cost. Therefore, the platform is able to provide a service with a competitive price, which will be gladly accepted by the user audience.  

  Long term vision. UChain is committed to provide a platform which allows to develop various possibilities of exchange through dApps. The organization positions the platform as an ecosystem that promotes the development of various companies or sharing services.  

  UChain Team  

  Initially, the main actors worked on the project in Vancouver, Canada. Although there are already offices in Southeast Asia. The team has a name-U. B. Group Holding, under the leadership of Ian Yu, Grace Min and development Director Will Zhou.    

  • Ian Yu - Founder & CEO;
  • Grace Min - Co-founder;
  • Benny Liao - CPO;
  • Will Zhou - The development and promotion;
  • Chris Tao - CSO;
  • Jason Wu - Senior researcher;
  • Mandy Chan - CMO.

In the near future (from the second half of 2018 to the end of 2019) the team has planned the following activities: 

  • Public sale of tokens;
  • Distribution of tokens;
  • Development and implementation of e-wallet;
  • Starting a test network;
  • Starting a mainnet for UChain platform;
  • Release of open Enterprise platform;
  • Partnership agreements;
  • Testing a new version of the resource;
  • Launch U-Bicycle app on UChain;
  • Providing free access to the p2p transaction site. 

  Some stages of the project development proposed in the technical documentation are not reflected in the road map. For example, it is claimed that the organization plans to develop decentralized exchange. To date, the development of the platform has been mostly conceptual. The company plans to create its own blockchain, e-wallet, to implement an exchange with a decentralized format. It is clear that there may be some difficulties in organizing the planned innovations, but i’am pretty confident that such experienced team will be able to solve any problems that may appear.  


  The site provides some information about the platform and its technologies. There is no Open Source on such authoritative sources as GitHub, and it makes you wonder. The team is perfectly fine, but most people who stay in the shadows and have not been seen in other iconic blockchain projects, although if you look at the strong advisers (from APEX, Red Pulse, Ledger Capital), there will be no much doubt. And despite the fact that some competitors can implement their ideas faster, UChain still has its own audience, so the prospects for further development are still preserved. Before investing in this project, it is better to conduct your own, more in-depth market research.  


Web Page: https://uchain.world/#  
WhitePaper: https://uchain.world/css/img/pdf/uchain-whitepaper-dbe5656d6c.pdf  
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UChainEcosystem
Telegram: https://t.me/UchainEcosystem
BTT Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4587074.0  
BTT ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4631038.0
Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1143460


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I believe project who not disclose their GitHub and have raised such big amount of ETH are definitely know what are they doing. It’s clear that some big players invested in this project, and i’m very sure they have seen GitHub data to be able to contribute that large.

There are a lot of competitors in this decentralized section where UChain is aiming to enter, but after my research i think that this project can secure their niche in this market. Thanks for the article, will be following the development of UChain.

Hoping that my investment in this project will give some great returns! As i believe in UChain and will be going long term with my investment.

Judging by the past experience of Core team, it’s really hard to doubt their professionalism, hope my theory won’t fail and UChain will become a great success as for users as for early investors.