UFC 263 Israel Adesanya vs. Marvin Vettori 2 - Chase Hooper +125 vs. Steven Peterson -150, featherweight - Betting Thoughts

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Chase Hooper has not been able to strike to save his life. He did go to train with Wonderboy Stephen Thompson to try and improve his striking. He has also trained with Ryan Hall. Ryan Hall developed a good striking game working at Tristar and also with Wonderboy. Steven Peterson has been off for a while and has lost a number of fights. I am going to tay some small money on Chase Hooper as the dog because this looks like a setup from the UFC to bring Chase Hooper along.

Chase Hooper---Steven Peterson--
Wins - KO327.27%Wins - KO518.52%
Losses - KO00.00%Losses - KO13.70%
Fights KO327.27%Fights KO829.63%
Wins - Sub545.45%Wins - Sub00.00%
Losses - Sub00.00%Losses - Sub00.00%
Fights Sub545.45%Fights Sub00.00%
Wins - Decision218.18%Wins - Decision1348.15%
Losses - Decisions19.09%Losses - Decisions829.63%
Fights Decisions327.27%Fights Decisions2177.78%

Steven Peterson just missed weight at 148 pounds.