I invested in Up Fund Me.

in #ufm8 months ago

I received a small donation of up fund me {UFM} tokens the other day.
Yesterday I checked out the graph for UFM token price. I really liked what I saw. A nice gradual spike with no artificial starting price. Don't mind if I do.
Over a 2 day period I purchased 6 USD worth of UFM tokens {at the price it spiked to.} 945 UFM tokens were staked into my account They are there for curation.

Not only do i like the market action of the up Fund Me token ... I think it's a great idea! I would love to help crowdfund steemers! So many good ideas go by the wayside because someone isn't a developer, or they dont know how to raise steem.
If you wish for an upvote: simply post on the front end & tag me.


Nice one, It is a great tribe to be part of. So many benefits to the UpFundMe tribe.

thanks. seems legit

Welcome to the club! 👍

if you post from another front end, just be sure to add the complete #upfundme tag :)

Welcome and we look forward to learning more about what you are funding!

Everybody is funding something.

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