A Note On Posting Restrictions, Reduced Inflation and Power Up Bonus

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Posting Restrictions

In a previous post, some "encouraged tags" were listed as ideal topics for people to post about within #upfundme. Just to be clear, you can post any content as long as it isn't spammy or considered morally wrong by the majority of society. Those tags were just encouraged, but not set in stone.

We have a posting contest going on right now where you could earn large UFM upvotes, gifted UFM power, and even shares in steem basic income! If you are looking to become a tribe whale, this is a great chance to set yourself up for it.

Reduced Inflation

As mentioned in previous posts, SCOT settings may change before we fully launch the front end site. The first set of changes happened a couple days ago and we will now have reduced inflation.

Previously 15 UFM was added to the reward pool every 100 blocks.

It has been reduced to 5 UFM added to the reward pool every 100 blocks.

Power Up Bonus

Those of you who are deciding to power up your newly earned UFM instead of selling it will be rewarded at site launch with bonus UFM power. You are the type of people we would like to see become UFM whales! This will be percentage based so the more you power up the larger bonus you will receive. More details on exact amounts will be given closer to site launch.

The large rewards earned this week in UFM are not likely to happen again as posting picks up, if you sell yours off now you are not likely to have a chance at getting that big of a reward again.


Anyone who makes the blacklist:

  • Can't post on upfund.me
  • Wont be able to use @ufmbot
  • Forfeits any bonuses
  • Can't participate in future contests or prize draws
  • Does not receive a cut of curation rewards

    No one is currently on the blacklist, and we hope it stays that way.

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Getting closer and closer. I missed out on the that first post payout, but maybe I can get in on the next one.

Happy to see the reduced inflation. That's a good thing! Sometimes not being early means you can learn from other's experiences, both positive and negative. Keeping inflation in check is one of those things.

I've begun using the #upfundme tag, I wish I had begun earlier!

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The ones like you posting now while things are slow will be the ones who have the best chances becoming UFM whales later.

Things will pick up with the launch of the site and sinks.

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Hello! I just bought my first UFM Miner, and there is no option to stake it. Does it work anyway, or will it once the site is ready? I'm unsure how these work without the staking. Thanks for any insight you can give! :)

For now it works as is, once a day miners are paid out manually from the reserve pool but once staking is enabled it will need to be staked.

I'm also keeping an eye on when staking of miners begin. I'm afraid I may miss out on mining reward due to my overlook. It would be better if @upfundme announces the staking date for miners well in advance. I was expecting that to go live at the time of website launch itself. But seems it will take some more time.

Keep checking the padlock icon in front of your UFMM balance whenever you open up your SE wallet!

I am keeping an eye on it, but thanks for the reminder! :)

I'm all powered up and ready to contribute!

Good stuff. Working on a post

I just discovered this interface today. I didn't see it during the launch. I will start using this interface now and add the upfundme to my tags.