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An unidentified object with unconventional movement pattern...

Sighted today, just before getting @littlescribe on the air on MSP Waves for her show Let's Talk About THAT
Can't make this up!

After sighting the red blinking craft with periodically green blinking lights, I grabbed an iPad and filmed the object until it went fast, noiseless out of sight. Note its fast accelerated movement in the last few seconds at the end.

The noise heard in the video is solely coming from the traffic below.
The craft above made zero noise.

Its movement was stop/go/stop/go/stop/go, accelerating from zero to v fast instantly.

I have seen similar crafts once before on the Island of Jersey off the coast of France, but this craft here was much closer, about 300 feet above me, filmed from the 21st-floor balcony of my apartment.

Make of it what you will - its movements were not natural, nor was its noiseless hovering above.

I do not believe in an evolved Alien race per se. I do, however, take the biblical point of view of interdimensional beings able to materialize at will. These beings are not our friends.

Another explanation could be a military craft, but this is Panamá City, and the Powers that have military capabilities to develop advanced aircraft surely wouldn't test their secret flying machines over the most populated City in Panamá.

What do you think?

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Hi, @globocop, strange sighting. I also believe in multi-dimension beings and was also the witness of a sighting very shocking in 99/2001 that have been investigated by MUFON, I have made a simulation of it and have posted in the past about it Here It is frustrating to not know more about it.

Very impressive footage, thanks for sharing.

Come to think of it, the craft in my video was covered by 3x blinking red lights, not two. The green flashes occurred in 3-second intervals, approx.
It's accelerating movement out is what really 'sells'.

I have seen a similar phenomenon as yours here also, albeit different. Coming from the ocean, white orbs moved in fast and gliding motion into nearby trees and 'perched' in the trees, then vanishing. As it is always hot here in Panamá, I attributed these to lightening spheres, a rare form of lightning, although it was daytime and not cloudy or thundery on that occasion.

As for understanding, these are demonic-spirit beings or fallen-angels that materialize at will. See Genesis 6:4-1, Eph 6:10-21, the Book of Enoch, The Book of Jude, Ezekiel, Revelation. Studies of the material by Dr. Chuck Missler (khouse.org), stevequayle.com and Tom Horn (Skywatchtv.com) gave me biblically grounded, scientific understanding. Demons are the disembodied spirits of the Rephaim, the offspring, aka Giants, of the union between Nephilim (Fallen Angels) and human women.

The main thing to note is this: The intentions of these beings are not benevolent. However, they need not be feared. Just before I filmed the craft, I commanded it to leave, in the name of Jesus - and it did. This is the literal antidote to these encounters that can end badly for the observer. However, while I was weary, I was not fearful - because I used the single weaponry that can thwart these things off. Not fear, but applied knowledge is the answer.

Hosea 4:6

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”
King James Version (KJV)

Thank You @globocop, it was a strange experience because it comes quite close to where we were and we can see that it must be very big. I know that many people use praying to get these things away. I have another experience that really feels like a demonic entity a few years ago and use local shaman to get rid of it, here is the whole story if you want to read it and tell me what you think, I will appreciate Here

That is interesting. Better call Scully and Mulder!

Yeah - that thing was gliding - rather than flying in the conventional sense.
Interesting night. Called Scully and Mulder - they are off planet, busy with their new pals at NGI... https://intelnews.org/tag/us-national-geospatial-intelligence-agency/

One thing's for sure, it ain't boring in Panamá.

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