Suffering unemployed graduates

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In Africa, uganda in particular, several universities pass out thousands of graduates to the real world.


Just a small fraction of the graduates applies to different companies and organizations and get employeed there and then. The other big number of graduates is left out to hustle because there’s not enough jobs to get them busy all at a time.
Few of these unemployed youths, are equipped with not enough entrepreneurship skills to survive the harsh environment which has no mercy to the unemployed. That is why some resort to riding boda Bodas, creating up criminal gangs, joining the army etc...
It is estimated that it takes 10years for at least all the graduated students in a single year to get employed.


the point here is that only if we could have the power to change Ugandan education stystem, we would see fewer problems in future.


I think this is the problem everywhere even in Rwanda education is preparing people on to get jobs not entrepreneurship skills to create jobs.
But also what youth themselves are doing?
I believe that just writing about this you already identified the problem and you're in your way towards success. Most youth don't even know that entrepreneurship is an option
So sad
Thanks a lot @ryan12 for the eye opener

It’s too sad for our Rwandan friends... now I bend the blame back to the ruling government for not taking an initiative to educate its youth about entrepreneurship. There available jobs are way out numbered by graduates, this where the graduates may resort to entrepreneurship so as to survive

I can also blame myself and blame also youth in general who are not doing anything to their situation, we have to survive but it's not easy we need that help from government!

Awesome my friend. The system will soon change through us

Though it’s still along way to go