Were you an ugly duckling or a cute baby? 你是醜小鴨還是可愛 B?

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This is an entry post for "Were you an ugly duckling or a cute baby? " Thanks to @kona for nominating me for this challenge which held by @livinguktaiwan.

感謝@kona點名我參與 @livinguktaiwan 發起的「你是醜小鴨還是可愛小B」挑戰!


I was in kindergarten in this photo. After I was nominated, I found this old photo which was taken in a sand pool in Hong Kong Park. And I recalled I read a post Hong Kong Park (2) | 香港公園(二) that mentioned the sand pool written by @guyverckw few days ago. Hence, I chose this picture to join this challenge.

這是我念幼兒園時候的照片。在被點名參與加這個活動後,我在家中找尋相片時,看到這張應該是在香港公園的沙池拍的照片,便想起了早幾天看到@guyverckw到香港公園的文章[Hong Kong Park (2) | 香港公園(二)]


I had a short hair and looked like a boy when I was a kid. When my hair was long, I always asked my mum to do haircut for me. I have long hair when I grow up. But I am still like a boy.

I had a show on the stage in kindergarten before I took this photo. I am a little rabbit~

Many friends said that I look the same, the only different is that my face becomes bigger….

Lastly I want to nominate @sosoo to take this challenge.
最後我想@sosoo 分享你小時候的相片。