His Hair is Falling Out..

in #uhglast month

Tonight he reached up and scratched his head a clump of hair came out.


(not him, but similar type and hair.

I love his hair, He turned grey very early, by the time we got married, and even when we started dating it was salt and pepper. He was 30 when we started dating. Being thin and grey people often mistook him for being older than he is. Over the years it turned in to the silver-white grey, I can easily scan the crowd for if we get separated. It's his trademark. The gray guy..

I'm not concerned about his hair for vanity reasons, I've never cared about that. It's a sign, a reminder of what is happening to him, to us.

He doesn't feel good, he's not eating much. His mood is down. I am really concerned about his weight. I'm scared. I think he has a more optimistic view of things than I do. I'm scared.

The last day of radiation tomorrow. Beginning of Chemo next Friday.

Just 5 weeks ago our life seemed normal he was just a bit tired had a sore shoulder, went to work every day.

Already he is thin, seems tired, looks somewhat shell shocked.

In one day, everything we built began to come undone.

I'm probably over emotional, I'm probably overreacting to normal side effects, but what can I say? I'm scared.

His hair started to fall out today



Prayers and good vibes going your way... you guys have been in our thoughts.

Thank you!

This just sucks, i am sorry you have to go through this.

I wish i could help

All i can say is i am thinking of you guys

It sucks a lot, thanks for the kind thoughts.

Sometimes life is hard, this is one of those times.

Everything will be fine, a lot of strength!

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