[Jan 2020]{ULOG} Sick for 3 Days Straight

in #uloglast year

I am being away in Steemit for this past days, reason? I am being sick for Three days straight.

I am sick since last Thursday so I have decided to Work From Home (WFH) thinking that I will get better the following day and I also am avoiding to have a Sick Leave.

Friday morning when my shift ends and I am still not feeling well, I think it gotten worse since I now have a fever. I am still hoping that my fever ill be gone after taking some medicine and having some sleep, I really do not want to have a Sick Leave this month as I have a plan to have a Vacation Leave on the week of my Birthday.

Moving forward, I still have a fever Friday night and decided to have my Sick Leave. I immediately notify my Team Leader regarding my Sick Leave and he give me his confirmation right away.

Despite of being asleep the whole Friday morning and afternoon I still manage to sleep the whole Friday night and Saturday morning and afternoon.

I only get off the bed whenever I eat and take my meds

That is the main reason why I do not make posts and comments in Steemit, now Saturday night, I cannot sleep.

I am still not feeling well but after I have taken my medicine this evening I cannot make myself sleep.

Maybe I got to many sleep to the point that I cannot sleep now

Tomorrow we are planning to go in the hospital and have me checked up. Hoping that I will feel better tomorrow so we don't need to go anymore.



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Care your health buddy

Thanks mate!

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