Ulog #4 Trip to Onitsha

in #ulog3 years ago

Hello everyone! I hope we are having a great day this is my 4th ulog entry and also the 57th gratitude challenge entry organized by @tojukaka and it's about the trip I made to onitsha yesterday to relax with my friends away from the school stress, fortunately for me it's also our students week in school and as such no lectures would be holding😊😊😊.

The trip was a safe but tiring one on getting to onitsha it was raining very heavily and I was lucky to board a keke (tricycle) that carried me home as i arrived onitsha late yesterday's evening.

Yesterday was really stressful for me though but all the same i am enjoying my stay in onitsha thanks to my close friends and family. Please a quick reminder i wont be posting as often as before as network reception in my current location is rather poor.
That's all for today, feel free to join the gratitude challenge with @tojukaka, you can join at anytime and opt out whenever you feel like its completely your decision. Remember you can be grateful for everything and virtually anything, that's because it costs you little to give thanks... Thanks for stopping