ULOG 10th Entry: My Birthday Celebration

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I was busy this past few days so I wasn't able to update or post here in Steemit. I've been blessed with another year of my life! All thanks to God for his wonderful gift. I just turned 27 last friday and today I would like to grab this opportunity to thank all the people who celebrated with me and to share to you how my birthday went.

I dropped by first at my former office to get my last pay. I stayed there for a while to have a chat with some of my friends. I missed them. I miss working with them but I felt that the ambience there became so different. But still, I am glad I saw them on the same day of my birthday.


Right after visiting my old office, me and my Son went straight to SM Mall of Asia to met with my second family. We spent almost 2 hours playing in Timezone where we all had fun and enjoyed playing and earning lots of ticket.


Later on that night, Dad and my sisters followed us in MOA and joined us in dinner. We dined in Four Seasons Hotpot, a buffet along the seaside in MOA. I'd like to discuss our dining experience in that restaurant in a separate post.


I thought that my birthday was over but I was wrong. It was a lovely Sunday and my family prepared foods for an extended birthday celebration in our house. My sister bought a cake for me and my Aunt whose birthday is on the 13th of October. The celebration was simple but it was very happy.


Today, as I've look at the photos taken that day, I can't stop my self from smiling. My heart is full and happy. I couldn't ask for more. Everything I need in my life is just right in front of my eyes and I am contented for what I have. It was indeed another very happy birthday I got. All thanks to God and my family!

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Photos are taken with Huawei G7-L02 and Vivo V9.

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Thank you Very Much! 😊

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