ULOG 11th Entry: Happy Birthday My Love!

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Me and my partner are both born in this month of October. And I can say that we have so much in common. He is a jolly person, just like I am. He didn't expect anything to happen this day but of course I won't let this day just passed by without making him surprised. We planned something for him and we hope to make him happy on his special day.

Accompanied by my Father, Sister and only Son, we went in a mall last night to bought gifts. I wrapped it before going to bed. Since my partner's schedule this week is night shift, he goes home in the morning. Its just me and my little accomplice who prepared that simple surprise. In moments like this, I can really count on my Son. You can feel how eager he is to help you in every way he can. He woke me up early in the morning so that when his Dad arrives, we were both ready.


We waited patiently for the celebrant to come home. I am still sleepy but the excitement I am feeling keeps me awake. I haven't greeted him last night even though I was still awake minutes before the midnight. He was online and I guess he expected me to be the first person greeting him a happy birthday. I let him feel a bit disappointed in me. It's fine, I'll just make it up to you when you come home, that's what I was thinking.


After an hour of waiting, the birthday boy finally arrived! At first he didn't notice the cake because we turned off the light and we haven't lighted his candle yet. He almost hit the cake but I was glad he didn't.We were so happy to see him very surprised. He was so happy and I can see it clearly in his eyes.

Happy Birthday to you My Love! You deserve this simple surprise because you work so hard for us! Thank you for your sacrifices! We Love you @bowiemagbag!

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Photos are all mine taken with Huawei G7-L02 phone.

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