ULOG 13th Entry: Meeting My Cousin after 20 Years!!!

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My 13th Ulog entry this 13th of October, something extra special happened to me. I finally met my Cousin after 20 years!!! I used to play with her when we were little kids. We are on the same age so we were super close when we were young. Unfortunately, her Mom and Dad broke up and from then I haven't seen her. She lived with her Dad. We lost contact with her and with the help of Social Media, we were able to have communication again.

The main reason we finally had the chance to see each other again was because my Dad have Tattoo session with her boyfriend. His boyfriend is an artist and is very talented. We visit them in their tattoo shop. I can't believe that it was already 20 years since we've seen each other. She was a sister to me. I remember how generous she was back then. She used to gave me her old dresses and it was not that worn out. I use one of them when I graduated from Kindergarten.


She's still pretty just like before. We talk about our childhood days and shared about what we still remember back then. I also introduced her to my Son and to my father's workmate, the girl in Red, who is also like a sister to us. She also had her first tattoo by my cousin's boyfriend. She's still cool and have the same laugh like she used way back then. I keep on staring at her while listening to her stories. I know we had a lot to catch up and this day is not enoughto do that.

We decided to meet again one of these days. They promised to visit us here and we will eat somewhere. I had so much fun seeing her and I can't wait to see her again soon!

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