ULOG 14th Entry: The Kid is Sick

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I couldn't get a decent sleep last night because I'm watching over my Son who is sick. He has a rough cough which started two days ago. He vomitted thrice yesterday and got fever when we got home after meeting my Cousin. My Son's body find hard time dealing with the very hot weather. He easily get coughs and cold. I wanted to restrain him from physical activities but it is too imposible to stop kids from running and playing. I am just too much worried that his cough might lead or trigger his asthma. I feel like having negligence in taking care of him because he got sick.


He goes to bed early last night and he too didn't have a good sleep. I monitored his temperature and I gave him medicine every 6 hours. I tried wiping his body with tap water to make his temperature lower. And it somehow help. I can feel how uncomfortable he was because he can't stay in one position while sleeping.


We woke up this morning and he still not feeling well. He doesn't have appetite and that worries me a lot. Maybe he was afraid to eat because he think he might vomit afterwards. He just ate biscuits for his breakfast and eat a little than his ordinary meal during our lunch.


He stayed in bed for the whole day. He's still sick but he's still active. He talks a lot. But of course, he acted like a baby when he's not feeling well, so I am trying to understand him. He has tantrums and is very sensitive sometimes.

I'm praying that he'll get well soon. It hurts me seeing him sick. I wish his sickness will transfered in me instead.

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I hope he gets well soon. 🙏

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