ULOG 7th Entry: Good Job Little Kiddo! Keep Up the Good Work!

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I woke up early today to get our Son's report card for the first grading period. I've waited for my partner @bowiemagbag to come home from his night shift schedule. We went together at Zanji's school and it was his first time to hear what the teacher will gonna tell us about his Son.

At first, I worry about my Son's grade and the comments from her teacher. I saw the result of their previous tests and the kid didn't get a high score but it wasn't that bad at all. I was surprised when his teacher told us how the kid shows improvement and interest in the class. She say no bad things about the performance of the kid rather she complimented him.


Shot from my Sister's Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro phone

Since there's no problem with the kid, it only took us less than 10 minutes to get his report card. We are so happy to read the comments or feedback of his teacher written at the back of the card. Even his grades were good too! I feel so proud about my Son's performance. I hope he'll still continue doing a good job!


After getting his report card, we walk around the subdivision to look for something to eat for our breakfast. Sun can't be seen and shine today because there was a typhoon. Luckily it didn't rain that morning so we were able to enjoy walking. The rain started to fell in the afternoon.

Today was one of a rare moment you can see us three walking in the morning. As I've mentioned, I am not a morning person so usually I woke up late. I feel good today. I was able to do simple things giving me simple joys in life. Goodvibes!

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It is great your child has you to encourage him! Words of encouragement will help more than criticism. Blessings my friend!

It is sure is! It motivates them Daddy William 😊

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