ULOG 9th Entry: The Sadness Continues; My Aunt Returned to their Home

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Tonight, my Aunt already decide to go back to their home. It saddened all of us but she says she has to go because she needs to take care of our grandmother now since I will be taking care of my Son now. Four months ago, I asked her to look after my Son while my Mom is not around. She did morethan I asked her. She look after not only my Son but the whole family. She is so kind. And I really don't know how to repay her kindness.


I remembered how strict she was when we were still young. She used to scold me most of the time. I was afraid of her but she is generous just like my Uncle. She also supported us financially when Dad doesn't earn enough for our living. Even if she gets angry easily back then, we feel how she loves and care for us.

She is my Sister's second Mom. I mean to all of us, but she treat my younger sister as her real daughter. We learned a lot of things from her. When I was growing up, I tried to get close to her although I admit that I still had fear that time because I guess I have traumas from her scolding during my younger age. Luckily, I finally get to know her more and we became closer. We bond and talk a lot. She was the first adult I told about my pregnancy. I owe her a lot of things and I'll be forever thankful for her unconditional love.


She is living now with my Uncle and grandmother. I honestly don't know how my life would be now that she already left me. Though I really feel sad but I have to move on and accept it. Besides, we all know that this is coming. I know my days will become tougher so I asked my sisters to please lend me their hands and help me if they can when it comes to household chores. I know we can do it!

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Sometimes we are so close to someone that when they decide yo leave, we can't bear their absence. I pray you will move on. My closest neighbour just moved out of my city and though there are others here, I feel extremely lonely.

Thank you very much for that words. I need that kind words right now and you are right, I have to move on. Hugs and Kisses!

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