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Today I have a chance to try out the famous coffee in The high land. It was in the city university that I have ordered a cup of coffee with condensed milk. Famous for its coffee, Buon Me Thuot City has plenty of coffee shop that you could try out.


One cup was too small for me, so I took an extra one. Then I realized that was a mistake.

The coffee is riddiculuously strong. I futterly awake after the a first slip. After getting the whole cup, I think a new source of energy flowing through me. Totally awesome!

If you have a chance to visit Buon Me Thuot, I highly recommend to try out the local coffee. For different folks, you guys may think that that coffee is too small, but actually, it was too loud if you compare to favorite Americano. If you are to try out the coffee, I suggest taking a small slip first, to feel and to enjoy the most exquisite taste of coffee before taking the next cup.


For me, indeed, I will come back, not only because of the excellent coffee, but also the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.


Nice post I am your follower sir help me ..

Instead of crying for help, how about you start writing decent content by yourself?

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