#Ulog 3rd Entry: A Morning Of Serenity

in #ulog4 years ago

Hi fellow steemians! It's you friend bearkid again, and this will be my third entry for #Ulog that is initiated by @surpassinggoogle :)

I am here to share my morning walk on the beach. The place where I live in is surrounded by the ocean and there are beaches where you can go for a swim or just relax in the sand. And for this morning, me and my family decided to take a morning walk on the beach.


The beach and the weather was so calm when we arrived and I can't help but put on my earphones and play some relaxing music and enjoy the serenity.

Don'y you just love seeing the horizon? Where the sky meets the sea and everything just seems so peaceful.


The color blue is definitely one of my favorite colors because for me, it represents peace and calmness.


I took a walk on the beach with my brother and we enjoyed the cool breeze of the beach.


Me and my family enjoyed the morning on the serene beach. And we decided to go home because the sun was already setting and it was getting a bit too warm.


Before reaching our house, we decided to grab ice creams!! yummmm~

Me and my mom grabbed the watermelon ones and my dad with my brother got the chocolate flavored ones!


It was definitely a good morning to me, I loved everything about it and being with my family is such a big bonus. Life is definitely beautiful.

Thank you for reading my short blog! :)

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