#Ulog 4th Entry: I'm A Mermaid!

in #ulog4 years ago

Hello again steemians!

It's me bearkid! This will now be my fourth entry for #Ulog that is initiated by @surpassinggoogle :)

For today I am going to share my adventure on art in island! It was very fun adventure with my friends that I love. This was a part of our school trip

This place is called Art in Island and it is located in Quezon City, Philippines. It is a building full of rooms with optical illusion arts that you can take pictures with. It's really fun especially when you're with your family or friends that likes to have fun and capture silly pictures


The line for this mermaid shot was really looooong. I guess everyone also wanted to be a mermaid and swim the deep oceans!

This is my squad!



Don't we look like we are in a different country? This is really really fun!



We are riding santa's sled! ho ho ho


Oh how I wish there was a teddy bear this big! It would be so fluffy and I would hug it all day!


We are the bank robbers! Watch out! heheheh


Oh no! stealing is bad so we got caught :(

But we are going to escape!

We had lots of fun! Especially because we all love taking pictures and being silly. I love being with my friends so much.


My friends are very fun to be with. We always have a great time and lots of laughs when we are together. I am very lucky to have them.


Thank you for reading my post! I hope we become friends if we aren't yet!



halaaa, ansaya saya naman diyan.. :) Gusto ko din yang mermaid shot ah. parang si Ariel lang. hehehe :) :) feeling mo nasa fairy tale story ka eh. :) Gusto ko sana pumunta diyan kaso, anlayo pala. :(

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