#Ulog 5th Entry: Cleaning Day!

in #ulog4 years ago

Hey there! It's bearkid's fifth #Ulog ( initiated by @surpassinggoogle ) entry today! :)

For today, I am going to share my extreme cleaning day!

Me and my mom decided to clean the messiest and dustiest room in the house. No one uses this room anymore so we decided to just make it as a storage room. But as time passed, we noticed that this room is no longer functional and it was full of junk we don't need that you can no longer find what you're looking for.


So that's why we decided to clean it up together.

We woke up at 6am, ate breakfast for energy and then went on to cleaning.

It was this big of a mess before:


It was literally a dump site, and we just wanted to give up and go back to sleep.

But of course! nothing is impossible especially when you work together!


It was really dusty and everything was a mess.

After 4 hours, it's finally done and we were shocked at the amount of garbage bags we had used and filled with junk from this small room.


Now we can see our stuff because it's organized!

This is the after:

It still needs a little organizing but it will do for now! hehehe.

It was full of great stuff in there, old photos, cable ties, old socks, posters, toys, letters, costumes, books, everything was in there!

And oh I even found this cool glasses that my dad owned years ago! Hehe I'm definitely gonna use them!!


Nice right? hahahah

Anyways it was hard but I had fun and I am happy to help my mom to clean it.

It seemed really impossible at first but nothing is really impossible if you just have determination, patience, and hard work for it!

Thank you for reading :) Have a great day/night!

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