#Ulog 7th Entry: My Pink Hair

in #ulog4 years ago

Hello! Hello!

It's my seventh day on #Ulog ( initiated by @surpassinggoogle )! It has been a week since I've started and I enjoyed it everyday, I really do love sharing my adventures here on steemit!

Today is going to be a bit different because it is a throwback! and it is about my pink hair!


I had it last year and the reason why i am sharing it today because I dearly miss it :( It isn't really pink and more like a magenta color but I still love it nonetheless!


I really love colors and being able to color my hair was an amazing experiences! But hair coloring can be a bit expensive. So I had to find a cheaper alternative to make me colorful!

And it was using crepe papers! That costs 10 pesos only!

I had my hair bleached by an expert first and it was not that pricey. Yes! you have to bleach your hair first if you have really dark hair like mine or it won't show.

And then I watched youtube videos on using crepe paper for hair colors, followed them carefully and that was it!


But unfortunately, I had to cut my hair because our school doesn't allow unnatural hair colors :( It was very sad. I really enjoyed having it last year!


I really loved it and the only thing I didn't like about it was it was really damaging my hair. So I decided to now do it this year.

But now I miss being colorful and I can't do it because school is starting in like 3 weeks.


I will definitely try it again next year! But with blue hehe. Thank you for reading this little throwback!

Let's all have colorful lives! :)

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