#Ulog : I Got Honors!

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HELLO!! It's your friend bearkid again!

I am here to share how I survived and even passed another school year with honors!

If you don't know it yet, I am a senior high school student in the Philippines. And in the Philippines there is a K-12 Basic Education Program, which means Kinder to Grade 12; It has only been two years since this program was implemented. Before, you only need to finish four [4] years in high school but now you need six [6]. In the 5th year you need to pick a track; the available tracks are Academic, Arts and Design, Sports, and Technical Vocational Livelihood (TVL).

I belong to the Academic track which then contains strands;

Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) strand
Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) strand
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) strand
General Academics strand

Can you try to guess what I picked?


Your friend bearkid picked the STEM strand, because this is in line with my dream job. I am still not sure exactly what job it its but I am sure that I want a job that has something to do with STEM.

Anyways! I passed this year with honors! and my group of friends got it too and we are all very happy! :)


Me and my friend Jermaine are the only ones in the group that belong to the STEM strand. While the others chose the HUMSS strand.


Me and my mom went to the stage to accept my certificate and medalCapture.PNG

I love making my parents proud because this is the only way I can thank them for all of the hardwork and overflowing love that they give to me and my brother. Love you mom and dad.


After the ceremony we asked our favorite english teacher to take a picture with us. She is the best teacher for me this school year not just because she is approachable and nice but also because she is one of those teachers that makes the lessons easier to understand, without anyone getting bored.

I will surely miss being in her classes because I won't have english subjects next school year :(


I really do hope to get honors again next school year and make my parents proud again :) I will study hard!

Thank you for reading my blog :)

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