ULOG#10 | I AM A FAN: Appreciating Ulogger's Post (EPISODE 3)

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ULOG is making a trend on the way Steemit works reaching out different people with different locations, with different languages, with different beliefs but unified in showing the "YOU" in every post. The "U" in Ulog represents "YOU" showing the "Real You" in every post that you make here on Steemit. It is easy and anyone can ne an ULOGGER. And who started this? None other than the most loved Whale in Steemit, @surpassinggoogle.

We can become a "Celebrity" indeed in this platform by the use of "#ULOG", but how about becoming a "Fan"? Many people will choose to become a Celebrity but only Few will choose to become a "Fan".

Today I chose to be a Fan of these THREE CELEBRITIES not because of How they "look" or how "high they're reputation is", I am a fan of them because they show the real "YOU" in them and at the same time they've inspired me in any way.

I AM A FAN OF @akoaypilipina

#ulog No.25 for @surpassinggoogle: We Will Be Donating Some Of Our Things To The Charity
"I choose some of their clothes to be included to fill our balikbayan boxes. But we will be giving most of the clothes to the charity in the church and those for the winter clothes will be in the charity drop booths in the city since summertime is approaching now and most of these are for the winter season."

Woah! This is indeed "YOU" in your ULOG, showing your Big Heart to people especially those in need, the Lord give back to you Hundred Fold of what you gave/you will give to the the Church.

I AM A FAN OF @wondersofnature

#Ulog Day 9: Peaceful time at Boulevard
"Whenever I want to unwind and experience a peaceful time, Legazpi Boulevard is my one stop destination. Looking at the calm sea and feeling the cool sea breeze while watching the sunset is a great moment. The place is so alive at night with colorful lights."

VITAMIN SEA! I miss the seashore and sea itself, I love how you captured that photo, it is indeed a relaxing place to be in the seashore, a quite place to meditate and relax! May you continue to share the wonders of nature!

I AM A FAN OF @koshin

A Visit to My Alma Mater
"Stepping inside the gate of the school is nostalgic. The school surroundings brings a lot of elementary and high school memories. The flag ceremonies, the bulletin boards, the classrooms and the old garden."

I can relate to this, every time I visit my Alma Mater (especially HS) memories are flashing back, those good and bad old memories. I can remember that I got my first Girlfriend when I was in HS and also got my first "breakup" in HS (Hahaha), immature days. The "music jamming" with my "Rakista" friends, "Kwentuhan to the max" and many more!

Thank you for reading this post.
P.S. I followed them all (I am a Certified Fan of them)
I also upvoted their post (Though my upvote is just 0.01)

Stay in Love, Stay in Christ.

To vote for a witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.


thanks for featuring me @chaelpacia. have a great day! 😊🙂

You're welcome @koshin, have a great day ahead too!

That was so nice of you @chaelpacia..Thank you for featuring me in your post and being my fan..🙂 I just became your fan too!

You're always welcome :)

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