ULOG | EP 17 | An Unexpected Visitor on our Daily Team Huddle

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One of the things that I appreciate the most about #ULOG is the fact that it "pushes" Steemians to be "Different" and to experience "Different Things" everyday, breaking our "Normal" habit with "Freshness" of New things that we should "Try" to do. Indeed, a true "Celebrity-hood" mindset.


I am currently working as a Metrics Analyst in one of the many companies located at UP Ayala Techno Hub -- one of the Best working Environment in Metro Manila. One of our daily routine as a team, aside from doing our reports is to conduct our daily "Team Huddle". We gather every day for atleast 15 mins to discuss these things:

  1. SUCCESS -- we celebrate every Individual's and Team's Success and Achievement
  2. PERFORMANCE -- we track our daily, weekly and monthly performance which compose of "Accuracy" and "Timeliness" since we are on the "Support" function of the company.
  3. PROBLEM SOLVING -- we identify "current" challenges that the Team is experiencing that might affect our performance
  4. COMMUNICATIONS -- These are announcements from the company and from our Business Units that we need to be reminded
  5. ACTIONS -- Things that we need to finish or to take action immediately
  6. PLANNING -- Our daily Plans or individual Schedules, it could be Meetings / Town Halls / Meet and Greet
  7. PEOPLE -- We assess the condition of every individual in the Team, this includes a person's Mood


I experienced a "New Thing" at my workplace last Tuesday (June 12). Our daily team huddle that day is very surprissing, why? Aside from the fact that the Team is really performing well, we have an unexpected visitor, our SVP/Managing Director in the Philippines! It is very unusual that a SVP of a company will join a Team Huddle, but he initiated to join in our Team Huddle.


He listened attentively to our "Team updates" and asked questions to us regarding our Huddle board, he also asked "How we are" as a person and as a Team, he is like "One of Us" in the Team, "No Borders", "No Positional Thinking".
The funny thing is that he joined on one of our "Chants" that we are doing during that huddle -- the "Yehey" chant since we are celebrating a lot of Team's and Individual's Success during that time.

The huddle ended with a smile on all our faces as we are privilege to have our SVP in our Daily Huddle.


  1. CONSISTENCY -- with the consistency off our daily Huddle it helped us address challenges that we are currently facing and it keep us Updated on the performance of the Team.
  2. CHARACTER -- no matter how Intellect you are as a leader if you don't have the "right" character you will surely not achieve success in leadership.
  3. CONNECT -- no matter what your position is, as a leader we are to connect to our members even in the simplest way.


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Visiting from @cicisaja's #payitforward. I love to read the Ulogs it is such a fun way to get aquainted with new people.
Sounds like your team has been working really hard. Glad to see it is paying off with recognition for your success.

Thanks for sparing your time to add the comments and read the post @headchange.

Thanks for visiting @headchange, yeah Ulog is one of the best way to connect to other Steemians and Ulogger, you may want to use it by simply logging in to https://ulogs.org

Hello @chaelpacia : Really love to read your post, it is informative and inspiring too. I am featuring you in Pay It Forward Contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc this week.
Please have your say in the post, here is the link to my post PIFC Week 12

Thank you and keep writing !

Thank you for featuring this blogger in the PIF contest.

You are most welcome..thanks for your upvote and attention too

Thank you for featuring me in your blog @cicisaja

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I am glad to do that, because you've posted an honest and kind original posts. Have a good day

@chaelpacia thanks for this. This is such a lovely post showing what you learned from this and reminding us that we're not disassociated with leadership. Sometimes they are willing to listen and can be empowering. Thank you! @cicisaja's #payitforward entry brought me here and I'm happy it did!

Thank you for your appreciation @permieemmy

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I think that Triple C also a perfect option to get along with other people on Steemit too, what do you think?
@cicisaja featured you on her post for pay it forward this week, that's how I can get through to your post, greetings from Indonesia 🤗

Thank you for your appreciation @dipoabasch, that's right the 3C's can also be applied in our Steemit's journey.

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Wow! What a great organization! Such a great way to grow your team and build something together. Great support mechanisms also. I found you through the #payitforward contest. You were featured by @cicisaja. Congratulations and best wishes.

wow...good features.. I have some friends who are also united in a team ...

Thank you!

As you know @cicisaja featured you in this week's Pay It Forward Curation Contest

Very well done article on teamwork and value of good performance. That is great your SVP came for a visit and was personable. I have to admit that is a rare quality in a SVP. It seems that he truly appreciates your team.

Ok on a 'serious note' Awesome JOB. Even a feature from @asapers!!

Metrics analyst is RTA?

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Kala ko gusto mo avail free header/footer 😅

Onga kaso tpos n d b? First 20 lng?

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Parang kasama naman yan lagi sa bawat ulog nya 😊

Ay so resteem p pla dpat... Wla reply bka busy. 😂

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Oo resteem at isama sa comment yung link ng latest ulog mo 😅

Ok n. 😂😂😂

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