ULOG #22: Teardrops Community on Telegram

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Yesterday I have this opportunity to be one of the few who first joined Teardrops Community on Telegram, it is a start of fulfilling a BIG DREAM -- to reshape how the internet works, this will involve "adding freshness" to the internet, breaking every "nation's border", making everyone as a genuine brother and sister to one another. This might seem so big and bold but it is surely possible and it will all START SMALL in building a community of people with the same Goal and are willing to CONTRIBUTE to achieve this common goal -- to reshape the internet.


What's in it for me in Teardrops Telegram Chat?

You will have the opportunity to talk with fellow Uloggers, people who are CONTRIBUTING in reshaping and adding freshness in the internet by simply sharing the "REAL YOU" in every post that you make. Also, Terry a.k.a. @surpassinggoogle is also their sharing his timeless "knowledge and wisom" not just in "reshaping the internet" but also in "reshaping your life."

Join us in Telegram

Thank you for reading this post.
God Bless You Brother/Sister

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