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RE: "The World Needs To Hear From You. Even Steemit Is Calling!" Now, You Can Answer. "Create A ULOG Today". (The "U" in "Ulogs" represents "YOU".)

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WOW!!!! This is just so beautiful!!! I sure will make one today. :) :) Thank you so muuuch @surpassinggoogle for this idea. :) :)


add #ulog to start title. e.g #ulog Day 1: Title... etc

Ohh, alright! Got it! Thank yoou, sir Terry :) :) I'll make mine now. Hehe :)

Do we have to do it everyday?

no its not compulsory. it depends on the person, but now at least there is no longer an excuse related to post ideas. overall though it is not about the post, it is about evolving in substance consciously among other things. mining the human and virtues etc. it is all part of the same curriculum. like teardrops untalented steemgigs etc is

Well done sir...... Uve been a role model anyway

Yeah, this is brilliant. since minnows like me usually ran out of things “worthwhile” to post. I mean there have been many times when Im hesitant to post something because I become a judge of my own post that it is not lworthwhile”. But with ulog, letting the world “mine” ME is a good excuse to post.
And that was a relief knowing it shouldn’t be everyday and not a compulsary thing.
Thanks @surpassinggoogle for making Steemit a minnow-friendly place.

@surpassinggoogle I just want to ask a question, is there any requirements aside from that? Thank you :)

hahaha digest the post. look at the grand picture in the post. there are two posts

Ohhh ahahaah! I'm sorry for that, Im just making sure that I didn't miss any of the requirements :) Thank you! I will try it, yehey!

hmmm. it's like a #diary Sir terry. Thanks for this idea of yours. You are so DYNAMIC! You do not want to miss our day. You want to know us more each day. No excuses for now that we cannot post an article. This is the beginning of a #newlife in Steemit. God bless you more, Sir!

This is another great potential article that every community awaited. Thank you again @surpassinggoogle for this another beautiful contest that everyone was honored.