#Ulog 11th(8/12/18): Mourning Over My Lost SBD Today

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I don't feel like writing actually today. I just felt really really bad. I just felt so awful. All my three months savings in steem dollars was gone with the wind after just few clicks.


Got plans to do my first payout today.

It was just a penny of 14sbd yet it cost too much for me. I've invested enough passion and love in writing,as well as I totally embraced even just a single. 001 reward and much ecstatic everytime my sbd is added up.

Today is my 2nd sister's 26th birthday. I just had an earlier conversation with her, she's in a family way right now and expecting her baby next week or any day this month. I felt pity when I greeted her and she told me she will not be preparing anything today since she don't have any money. Perhaps she's saving it for the coming baby. Hence, I plan to send her even just half of my sbd so that she will be able to atleast buy a cake.

This was our earlier conversation. And next Sunday will be papa's birthday too. The one that I am seeking help as well through #upfundme.
Kindly see links below.

This is my first #upfundme entry for Papa.

And the latest entry two days ago.

I am in deep tears right now.


Will I ever retrieve back my lost sbd?

It was not yet found in btc wallet though the said transaction was made earlier today and there was a successful feedback from @steemconnect.



Good Lord, hope I will somehow cherish a good memory with my first ever payout worth of three months perseverance.

**My special thanks to my great and knowledgeable mentors, @yanzel4lyf and sir @iwrite and sis @jovema for rescuing me in,

Sincerely yours,

To my @steemitdiversify family thank you for all the support.
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How did it get lost?? I think it will take time before it would reach your btc wallet..

Not unless you did something wrong in the process..

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I really don't know po... My wallet is still empty as of the moment.

Praying you'll have your sbd back sis. I hope @blocktrades with do something about this.

Thank you very much sis, do need prayers right now.

It takes time esp if first transfer my first time took 8 - 10 hrs before it went in to coins.ph

Ohhh that sounds uplifting! Thank you very much po. I might just as well wait for it.

Just try to wait for it a bit more... but next time, I suggest you convert sbd/steem to eth.. mas mura yung transaction fee. (and faster kesa btc) Usually, you'll get around mga 200 pesos more than if i-exchange mo sa btc. :) Have a nice day po! ^^ Happy birthday na rin sa sis and papa mo po.. :)

Ohhhh what a sweet message... Thank you. 🙏

You're welcome... :) Keep steeming... ;)

Oh... sorry to hear sis. I hope everything will be okay soon.

Thank you very much sis. Hope to alleviate my worries. Sayang nmn kasi. Pinaghirapan ko yun. 😢

Wait i dont understand... u sent it all to someone and now your upset? It takes a few steps to do the transfer and you still didnt know how you did that?

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Hope you'll get it back sis 😇

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