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RE: #Ulog day 1. What am I doing here?

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I think we should use the ULOG`s for something more than talking nonsense about ourselves! It is very boring..!


read more about it and you will know it is not. It incentivizes learning. The website will have knowledge bank the accepts specialized knowledge born out of experience. So yes you can learn for the sake of doing a ulog. You can create anything. It mostly favors your experience and gifting and reshaping once a day though over recycling the internet in at least one post a day. So yes, you can even recount the entire steemit day on one post as if you are concluding the day. You can read this post to get further insight into how the website is modeling out on Its oncoming, alot of tips and contests and will gradually direct matters. The art of ulogging is actually "mining the human" and reshaping the internet with pieces of us instead of resourcing from it once a day at least. Plus, legacies and all. If you read my last post (, you will get more insight also insight into the modelling of the website etc The post is also our very first contest. I would love you to participate too.
The website and all i do here is tied to the teardrops smart media token as well

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Thanks for your input @dyanna. What would you suggest we use #ulog for instead of waffling nonsense about ourselves? I would love to see some suggestions. Personally I just want to write and share something on a regular basis but it would be great if this had something more useful or entertainment to it.