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I am a student and today, I want to tell you about my daily activities that I often do in my college vacation.

I'm not like an ordinary man because in the morning at 9, I turn on my laptop before going to the bathroom. I had breakfast with a sandwich and a glass of coffee around 10 am and then I worked with my laptop in my room. I wrote some articles about "farming" because I like farming problems. I lecture at 1 pm till 5 pm. After that, I usually go to a great place to finish my research in the garden. Like, green bean garden because I love green beans so does the atmosphere. It makes me relax to enjoy my life. In the peanut garden, I can do all the things about plantations in my village.

I went home at 8 pm or 10 pm. It depends on my research atmosphere. I had dinner in the restaurant because I was not good at cooking. I shower at night sometimes. I do not like watching tv but I'm streaming on youtube, I think it's the same thing to get some of the information I need most. In personal relationships and some means of payment. Do you know? I do it because I pay my tuition with my own money. I am an independent student, so I do my job as a good student in some ways. I do my responsibility and do the job to get the best value. If I have some things I need to accomplish, I will do it in an act because I do not like to talk.

Green beans are never separated from our daily lives, especially when we are often taught how to plant green beans simply through our tau people.

Basically planting green beans can be planted by anyone and for beginners who want to learn to plant green beans. Currently my village is harvesting green beans, I own a peanut garden and now I am harvesting the beans, I spend my time for gardening as my side job for extra tuition money and to pay semeste my college.

how to peel the good and true green beans dried in the sun to dry and become seeds. based on my personal experience in wringing green beans with a strong force, so the effect quickly makes the shell of green beans loose, but still can be tolerated to be processed further into a green peanut porridge without skin.

For what need to peel the skin of green beans? Can for baby food or even make green bean flour, to be taken skin, to be cooked without skin.

My video during peanut harvest

Besides that I also have a very happy corn crop field with the prime I got from my modest land. Smiling happily with the first harvest I got from the garden. New local farmers are trying to plant corn this time. Previously they are more utilizing rice fields to plant beans and other young plants. But this time a number of people tried to grow corn from hybrid seeds of the Agricultural Service.

Farmers Group Coach, said, to encourage people to grow corn is not easy. Even the farmer group coaches are headed for livelihood and community employment.

People who are willing to plant corn also continue to be nurtured and given the spirit of never giving up. our target communities take maximum results and add to the economy.

Thank you for reading


This is a fantastic post. I learned so much. I found you through the #payitforward contest. You were featured by @viking-ventures. Congratulations.

Yes thank you, I am very happy to be compliments of some friends like you for my post.

found your post through @viking-ventures entry post to the pay it forward contest this week.
what a lovely field you and the community have here.. green bean also called mung bean, right? we also make soup with the spruce of the green bean but my favourite always green bean porridge. and the corns, it must be sweet corns? wow.. what a great feeling while harvesting it too. never had a chance to grow them in my small home garden, looking at your photos and reading your post, I feel like going to the field myself and enjoy the day. thank you for sharing this with us.

We are simple living, patanies and create our own jobs to achieve our goals. It is true that green beans are often cultivated and green beans easily treated without having to spend much capital and the harvest is very satisfactory. Thank you!!

I know how it's life as petani (in Bahasa Indonesia) we lived our best to provide the food for ourselves and others, sometimes we just can't fight the weather but we can adjust and adapt to the best possible way to make it. So proud of your work @elmicta 👏👍👍👍

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You seem to be a very busy man! That's great you're able to use your crop to help pay tuition! Being able to use the garden to escape and write helps. Fresh air is so good! It always helps me as well. Wishing you luck on your schooling and that your crops are plentiful this year.

Thanks, I am happy with my work and I am trying to be more successful for a better future.

Congratulations! I have featured this post as part of my entry in the Pay it Forward Curation Contest this week! As such, I have followed you, upvoted and resteemed this post! Keep up the great work!

Thanks, I allow you to display my post as part of your entry.

the harvest, the delicious roasted corn😀

Looks like you got a huge garden going.

I remember doing something similar with my friends when we were in university. The house we were renting had a backyard and we converted part of it into an allotment for planting food.

Saved a lot of grocery costs.

Yes, I have a few hectares of land such as I planted a variety of crops in which is useful to add a sideline economy, there is one more land ready for harvest .

You are very fortunate.

Yes thanks, as long as we are diligent berusha we will be successful in the future ;)

that must be a high quality green bean, isn't it? you've chosen the right thing to study while you have the big field to plant the green bean, peanuts and now corns! what a happy life to enjoy while we're struggling to buy a good quality of green bean. do you have any spesific post-production commodity made of green bean in your community too? share it with us if you have it.. really love to see how the post-production processing.

thanks to @viking-ventures who has featured you in the pay it forward contest this week, yeah that's how I came accross your post. wish you all the best.

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First off @viking-ventures featured you in this week's #PayItForward contest @pifc.
Second, no wonder I don't see you on Discord much lately. You are crazy busy.!! Great post.

Hi I found your post because you were featured by @viking-ventures in the #payitforward contest. It was great to read your ulog. I always enjoy reading how others spend their day.
Yours is so full of activity. I bet you are tired at the end of a day like that.
With that kind of motivation and hard work you are sure to succeed with your goals. I can tell you have determination. Thanks for sharing your day.

Yes I am also happy, many people who support my activities with a good purpose. Thank you !!

You are a very hardworking person. I am sure you will reach many goals in your life. Hope my upvotes help more soon.

Yes, I am a person who likes to live independently and create his own job to supplement income, for the sake of an aspiration of mine.

Sounds like you have a nice little routine going!

Thanks to @viking-ventures, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your effort to create quality content!

I am happy and happy to hear it. Thank you !!

Wow, you really are a busy guy! I grew up on a farm in Canada, and know that it is not easy work at all! I found your post because @viking-ventures featured you in a contest where I'm one of the judges :) Nice work!

Yes, I am very grateful on this occasion some people liked my post, and I have explained some activities and I hope my work can be useful for everyone thank you !!

Nice one bro

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