Ulog No. 62: "Hooked on Cricket"

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It is scorching hot outside, so I'd rather stay inside the house within the comfort of cool air conditioning and the TV. At the moment, my hubby and I are watching the Test Cricket of Australia vs India. He loves cricket and he used to play for the local cricket club many years ago when he was still younger. When we started going out, he introduced me to this sport, which I had never heard of. I thought cricket was just insects.

I have eventually acquired the liking to the cricket sport that I have learnt the rules and the variations of the game, such as there's Test Cricket, One Day International and Twenty20 Cricket. I know the names and the faces of all the current and some past Australian cricket players. I celebrate when Australia get a wicket and hit boundaries. I can even watch a Test Cricket, provided that Australia is playing, for 5 straight days from the first ball to "stumps" at the end of the day.

My husband and I would have conversations about cricket or any news about players and the sport itself. I think he appreciates the fact that he can talk about anything that he's also passionate about and I would gladly listen and even contribute to the conversation. He was devastated and disgusted that three Australian players were involved in ball tampering scandal earlier this year.

I got really annoyed, too, and utterly disappointed because these players tarnished the reputation and the credibility of the Australian Cricket team and since then, Australia's rank in the cricket world plummetted and would be considered a miracle if they won (this is my own perception). After a long drought, Australia finally won and it was against India in their second test in their 4-match series. My hubby and I celebrated, too!

But we are not like those big fanatics, like the "Barmy Army". We just enjoy watching the sport and if we're not home, listening to the update and analysis of the game via the AM radio. Many friends and family members in Australia are quite surprised that I actually like the sport because they have lived all their lives in Australia but some of them still don't understand cricket and how it is played. They find it boring and tedious.

I, myself, could not believe that I would be interested in this sport. I guess because I love my husband so much that I have learnt to appreciate the sport. Probably the same way that I love volleyball, and I was able to convince him to play for my team during the first season this year. My husband played volleyball with me until he injured himself and could not play halfway through the end of the season, but at least he tried.

Anyway, that's all for now. I will go back to the couch and watch the rest of the cricket. I am glad that Nathan Lyon finally got a wicket and I hope the bowlers get the rest of the Indian batsmen out today, so I can see some batting from the Australian side.

How about you? Do you like cricket? What is your favourite sport?

Please leave a reply for any feedback or comment and thank you for reading! Blessings to you all!!!


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I also love the sport of cricket. I have loved the sport since my childhood. I was annoyed as well to know that 2 such good cricketers David Warner and Steven Smith got out of the team for ball tampering because they were such class players. Hopeful to see them back in action in the WC19.

Thanks for your comment. As for me, I don't mind to see Steve Smith play Test cricket again but David Warner was I believe the instigator. He put the poor lad Cameron Bancroft's cricket career in limbo and who knows if Cameron will ever be picked to play for Australia. Steve Smith will still play for sure. He's one of the best batsmen in the world.

I hope you have a happy new year!

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I've never watched a cricket match. It isn't a big sport in the US. I enjoyed watching football with my husband. I don't watch it often since he died, it not as fun without him. I think it was the sharing of the experience that made it enjoyable.

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I am sorry about your husband. How long has he been gone, mind if I ask? Yes, watching sports program is only enjoyable when I watch it with my husband. It's one of the things that we do to spend time together.
I watch any sport except golf and racing as I would rather sleep than watch those.

Yes, cricket is popular only in England, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Pakistan and the West Indies. Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, too.

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My Bob will be gone 10 years in March. My son and I watch the Superbowl together every year. We enjoy the ads more than the game.

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We enjoy the ads more than the game.

I have never met a person who enjoys the TV ads more than the show. 😆

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Lol, you have now! It is just the Superbowl ads. Companies go all out for these ads, because they know there will be over 100 million viewers. Here is a video of of some of the best commercials from last year. Australia's Tourism Bureau had one of the top commercials!

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Wow! I don't blame you. Those are really cool ads! I have never seen any of those, well, since I haven't watched a Superbowl game.

Totally loved the Australian tourism ad!!!

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