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This (Ulog) post is a project update for the following two projects:


Which were announced in the following post:

@ThankU - My Response to FKN BLACKLISTS!

When I put this idea together it was a reactionary decision and although the concept was thought out, the actual execution of it was in my own self-critical opinion not done in the best possible way.

What I found to be my biggest mistake was not applying "synergy" in my execution.

What I found was that my original intention of having two separate "Thank you" lists using the above listed user account names was in fact by that approach dividing up the two communities that I am a part. Although they are two totally independent communities and as such are not interlinked directly, as for "MY" saying THANK YOU to people I should practice what I preach and this should then include the principle of promoting "SYNERGY".

During the course of last week, I collected and sorted all the relevant data for the second planned "Thank You" list in the series of my project. I have actually got it all ready and set up to start voting on posts by the relevant Steemians.

In my general practice of 'sleeping on it' so as to make sure that I am 100% certain about something kept going over and over in my mind, it was a comment in the comment thread of the above listed post.
A fellow witness @idikuci (Witness: @comedyopenmic) mentioned something that should have got me thinking. However I stuck to my original concept of having two separate "Thank You" lists all the way through to the completion of the second one (@thanksmate).

Now after having done all the work and repetitive typing in of user names etc etc etc. The tedious administrative side of the planned project, I have come to the conclusion that it would be a much more effective solution to put both of these lists on the one page. To amalgamate them into one single project. Which literally puts it in line with my beliefs of promoting and incorporating "Synergy" in everything we do.

SO, basically what I am saying is that I am scrapping @thanksmate, even though I have it ready to go and shall go through the process of modifying the description of @thanku to include all the criteria planned under @thanksmate.

Yes, this means that I have to do a bunch of typing again and all the work and time put into making @thanksmate shall be scrapped. However, I dare say that I am glad I "figured it out" before the official announcement and that I shall be doing it "once and doing it right" as I always say.

I appologize to all the Steemians who could/should have been getting my little "Thank You" votes from today onward as per the defined "Thank You" lists. I shall dedicate this evening to completing as much as possible to ensure @thanku has all of you listed and NLT Wednesday it shall all be up and running as planned and announced, under the one project which I shall call @Thanku.

Maybe this is what @idikuci meant when he commented on the original thread, but this thick skull of mine, well it has survived a few heavy knocks and whacks and shocks in life and sometimes some things need to be spelled out to me, or drawn out to me. But you see, I still managed to join the dots and see the grand picture at the end of the day.

I will get a nice little logo for @thanku figured out, nothing fancy, just a simple "Thank U" type of sketch or something, so everyone can recognize it when you see it.

There it is, another successful update on what I have been doing on a project that I am working on using Ulogging!

PS. U-logs are the next best thing to chocolate sweets!

Thanks for reading


I like the idea.

Let me know if you need help. I'll happily chip in a few hours to help you out.

I'll be right, it's falling asleep doing the same old process over and over again for each name that worries me!

Thank goodness I'm no accountant or any other job where one has to do the same old thing over and over again all day long, every day!

I'd be fired like in no time:


Reasons for getting the sack:


(end of document)

I might be able to pull some data for you, or create a little bot to help things go faster.

Up to you. Though it's sunday Night and I should go watch a movie or something

I've got all the data sorted, all that is done and the original list is working all fine, so all I need to do is to type in names and percentages for a few hundred people. Maybe in the future I'll figure something out to make it more interesting but for now I don't see a need to change it, as it works just fine.

Thank yoU for the offer, will maybe have to take you up on the offer when the day for a revolutionary change in plans happens!

Or in a few decades when I retire as a Witness and hand over my projects to those who are interested in keeping them alive and running!

Then you can add a "Wild Boar SMT" to each of them!

PS. Is your witness partner calling you coochie coochie or just coochie?

I seriously don't have a clue where that came from! XD

Mostly Dj calls me itchy, or idi.

Instead of hardcoding who you upvote I recommend you make it a dynamic list. So e.g for thanku, every time the bot starts, you loop through your target witness list, get all the people that upvoted for each witness count how many times they appear and upvote them accordingly.

Anyway, will leave it in your capable hands.

Yeah, will probably have to get into it when the 1 million Steemians all decide to vote for us, but until then, I think this is good and it gives me something constructive to do, so I don't forget how to use MS Office!

But, yeah, you are right, I should!

If you are up for it, so am I, why not.

I'll get it up and running as is, and then there is no rush for us to muck around with "The Bot"!

Thanks for the update of changes.

Uhhh, what these projects are about, anyway? Can't see any description here or in @thanku account

Ah, in plain view. Thanks

I'm still new enough on SteemIt that sometimes I don't even realize until much later when someone has done me a favour. Sometimes the ramifications of actions on the blockchain just aren't evident to me, or I don't even know where to look to even know that someone has just "done me a solid", but I'm learning. Slowly.

Knowing that I should be thanking someone is a bit of step for a n00b like me, so I hope I haven't caused an offense to anyone by seemingly ignoring their kindness towards me here. I think I need some sort of a list like yours, @jackmiller.

Mate, don't stress out, most of us have been there!


Congrats on making it to #53. You're growing so quickly! I knew you would. Top 20 before you know it! @jackmiller for Steemit president! @ironshield

Oh yeah and updated node too. Of course. @ironshield