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RE: Project update "@ThankU" - (Ulog)

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I'll be right, it's falling asleep doing the same old process over and over again for each name that worries me!

Thank goodness I'm no accountant or any other job where one has to do the same old thing over and over again all day long, every day!

I'd be fired like in no time:


Reasons for getting the sack:


(end of document)


I might be able to pull some data for you, or create a little bot to help things go faster.

Up to you. Though it's sunday Night and I should go watch a movie or something

I've got all the data sorted, all that is done and the original list is working all fine, so all I need to do is to type in names and percentages for a few hundred people. Maybe in the future I'll figure something out to make it more interesting but for now I don't see a need to change it, as it works just fine.

Thank yoU for the offer, will maybe have to take you up on the offer when the day for a revolutionary change in plans happens!

Or in a few decades when I retire as a Witness and hand over my projects to those who are interested in keeping them alive and running!

Then you can add a "Wild Boar SMT" to each of them!

PS. Is your witness partner calling you coochie coochie or just coochie?

I seriously don't have a clue where that came from! XD

Mostly Dj calls me itchy, or idi.

Instead of hardcoding who you upvote I recommend you make it a dynamic list. So e.g for thanku, every time the bot starts, you loop through your target witness list, get all the people that upvoted for each witness count how many times they appear and upvote them accordingly.

Anyway, will leave it in your capable hands.

Yeah, will probably have to get into it when the 1 million Steemians all decide to vote for us, but until then, I think this is good and it gives me something constructive to do, so I don't forget how to use MS Office!

But, yeah, you are right, I should!

If you are up for it, so am I, why not.

I'll get it up and running as is, and then there is no rush for us to muck around with "The Bot"!

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