SteemChurch - Bridging Project - Ulog Witness Update. 23 June 2018

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Some may recall that I have decided to Ulog my Witness Updates on my activities on this project.

For those who missed it here are all the links, in various languages:

Invitation To All Christians on The Steem Blockchain - Ulog Witness Update. 15 June 2018

Lời mời đến tất cả các Kitô hữu trên Blockchain Steem - Vietnamese

Zaproszenie dla wszystkich Chrześcijan - Polish

Undangan Untuk Umat Kristiani Yang Tergabung Dalam Steem Blockchain - Indonesian

Invitacion a todos los cristianos de la cadena de bloques de steem - Spanish

Dieses Update zu meinem Brückenschlag-Projekt soll in die Einzelheiten dessen, was für eine Community ich hier in unserer Blockchain mache, gehen - German

Thanks again to all the great Steemians who helped out with the translations you see here in the links, won't be tagging them, so as not to wake them up, as we are all in different timezones on this planet & they are tagged in the posts, where I thanked them.

So as you can see, I am trying to reach out to as many Steemians as possible and if Google Translate were to do a good job, I would have many more translated posts! But this was great, people answered my humble plea for assistance and they did so as fellow Steemians. Again proving just how great and kind Steemians are.

So to get back to the topic at hand;

Many people have hopped on into the Steemchurch server!

If you are a Christian and you wish to check it out, here is a link:

I can with certainty say that in most of the communities out there, many of the members are Christians and when we all get together in our server, sharing our Steem experiences and talk about the great communities we are a part of, that we shall help build all these great communities. So the end goal is pure positivity and synergy among people who in this case share a common faith.

Hopefully by the end of this year we'll have thousands of people checking out what all is going on in the Discord server and checking out what all news and updates there are from various members representing the communities they are a part of and so on.

Just yesterday we had the first ever SC Discord Classroom session, appropriately it was a Holy Bible studies session, from what the organizer relayed back to me it all went well, the members present were all overly positive and full of energy.
Today there is a class being held in Spanish, on the topic of "Steem Ecosystem & The Economics of Generosity",
Details: 19:00 UTC-4 = GMT+4 = EST-1 .

So as you can see things are moving.

Ohhh and here is a link to the post that started this all of:

Bridging with the SteemChurch community by @bait002

I can already see the potential for there being all sorts of presentations and group sharing sessions to you name it!

Love the fact that I chose Ulogging for doing my Witness Updates on this project, just gives me that little bit of extra freedom to write about it in a much more casual manner, rather than it being a "Formal Document" and likewise it goes to show that Ulogging really isn't limited to how it can be utilized!

Great initiative, gave me that little bit more of a nudge to be more free with how I go about things!


(No, I don't do Yoga)

As I was writing up this Update, @drakos contacted me and told me how he added @witnesspage to the list of services that are mentioned (listed) on his page :


This day just keeps getting better and better!

& for those of you who don't know about the page I am referring to, go check it out, it is one of the best and most informative pages out there, @drakos has done one killer job there, hats off to him!

Think I'll quit while I'm ahead here, this day can't get much better than this now, may have to buy a lottery ticket just in case!

Signing out for the day!
Yours truly


This will be a blessing for everyone!

I love that you decided to Ulog this post. Your humor shines through and is wonderful to see!!

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