Original Poem: A Glimpse of Sunlight

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A Glimpse of Sunlight

Original Poem

A glimpse of sunlight from a half open window
A smell of fresh breeze from morning dew
A warm ray of sun kisses my skin
Another warm morning daylight is seen

Body still heavy, eyes still tired
Still want to lay, still want to close my eyes
I want to stay longer, bed feeling more comfy
Pillows hugging me back, pillow feeling more puffy

Snoozed alarm, 15 minutes passed set time
Finally stretched, I feel tension on my limbs
Now I’m a bit ready, now I’m a bit awake
Another adventure, another day to take

Fully awake after a few more minutes
Appreciating life more bits by bits
Smelling the fresh air better, feeling happier
Another opportunity for love, another blessing from above

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