ULOG 20: Knowing Your Undertone

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I have always loved changing my nail color. My all time favorite has always been french tip, a very simple style with a transparent look with only a little line of white on the tip of the nail. I find it really simple, classy and it seems to have worked with me.


I have also tried various colors such as red, black, pink and whatnot.


But one thing I have learned recently is the undertone. The undertone is the underlying color, it is the color that is dominant on your skin. This isn't just skin tone. Skin tone can change from season to season but undertone doesn't. You will be able to determine your undertone by looking at the veins of your wrist, checking what jewelry works for you, you eye pattern or through a plane white paper on your chest. You can be warm, neutral or cool.

If the veins on your wrist look yellowish or greenish, you are warm. If it looks bluish or purplish, you are cool. If it is hard to determine try another test. If you notice that gold works so well with you, you are warm. If you see that silver works better with you, you are cool. There are still a lot of tests and if you are still undecided you are more probably neutral.

I have realized that I am on the warm undertone like most of Asians. But the most important thing about knowing your undertone is knowing the colors that best work with you. For warm, yellow, orange, gold and peach work very well. For cool, blue, green, purple work so great on them. For neutral, you are lucky 'coz you can work both but be careful on not choosing the very strong ones.

I have never tried yellow on my nails but because I have learned that yellow will flatter my warm undertone, I tried it and here it is.

I think the undertone really works well with me. The yellow looks brilliant and I actually didn't expect this. The color of your clothes, hair color and other things would really have a lot of effect on you if it complements your undertone.


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