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Hello Uloggers, I hope you have a great day today!

This is my First Ulog, I hope you will like it, But before you proceed on my first Ulog, I just want to introduce myself with you.

Please don't get bored!

I am Joseph Lacsamana, living in the Philippines and I'm currently working at American Company here in the Philippines.


I really don't know what to say hahaha.

Okay! I am a Software Quality Assurance Engr. So If you want my service just PM me or leave your comment here! :)

For TODAY, What I did in our Office is Updated the Automated test cases in Telerik or Test Studio for our Project named CurrentGen. I belong with Automation Team that's why I have to update the Automation Test case in Telerik.

This day is just a regular day at Office.


Inspirational words: Do what you Love, Love what you Do!

That's all for today! Let's meet at my second #Ulog soon! :)

ALL GIF are from: thank you Giphy!

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Resteemed if it's worth it :)


your inspirational word so heart touching

Thank you @huriya

You can contact me at
My user ID is: joseph.lacsamana

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