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How Do You React To Life?

A young man grew up with the idea that eating the egg of guinea fowl was forbidden and comes with the repercussion of sudden and instant death, a belief held strongly by his clan and as he grew up and moved to the city, he became friend with a foreigner who he told of his belief.
The foreigner invited him for dinner someday and at the dinner table the young man asked if the egg he was eating was that of a guinea fowl to which the foreigner answered to the negative. He ate and left.
Two years after the event, the foreigner finally told him of what happened the day they had dinner that the egg he ate was actually that of a guinea fowl. The young man left his presence dejected and two days later was reported dead- not by suicide.

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There is an unbreakable bond between the Mind and the Body, so much so that what we appreciate more or what we fear most eventually and most assuredly come to us.
This makes the mind an attractant of the body. The body is a vessel that is made alive by the content of the mind, fill it up with the hot torrents of fear, morbid and malignant expectations and soon the body breaks down to Ill health and in some cases death.
On the other hand, fill it up with the exuberant, benignant and enthusiastic flow of optimism, hope and love and you will see the body come alive exuding youthfulness that defiles age.

How Do You React To Life?

Elvis Presley died just before his 43rd birthday in the same circumstances as his mother who died at the age of 43 as well. Many believed Elvis saw it coming and it really came. The best athletes are those who position their minds for the best even in the face of niggling injuries, yet they make it because they react to life with the expectation for the best and not second best.

The body is ever waiting to follow the instructions of the mind, for when the mind tells of positive expectations, the body move towards that direction and when the mind tells of a bleak expectation, the body follows through resulting in Ill health, break down in relationship and sometimes death.

Don't give your fear a palpable shape, but give your faith a definite shape of unrelenting positive expectation, for there is no better way to react to life.

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As the most complex and the wisest element of the universe, everything react in subjection to humans, that explains why humans can turn a desert into a paradise and a forest into an exquisite estate, for humans possess the innate tools to turn every situation or circumstances before them around.
Furthermore, humans should react to life in a commandeering and optimistic manner, rather than cover himself with the investiture of fear, uncertainty and pessimism for in doing so, you hand over the cruise control to the challenges before you to ride you.

The choice is always yours to make.




Thanks for this inspiration.

I appreciate sir

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