Ulog: Update on the Explain Ulog Contest

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Hi Uloggers!

I know with the bear market everyone is feeling down and not posting but this is the best time for you to keep posting!

You can read that in my post Ulog Reflections: Why to keep Steeming in a Bear market


[From Unsplash - Ullash Borah]

We are on the 6th day out of 14 days for my [Ulog Contest | Explain what Ulog is to you in a video | 10 SBI shares prize] and so far I have two entries that have entered!

I am so happy to see @josediccus enter and submit his explanation on what Ulog means to him!


He provides a summary of what Ulog is and what constitutes Ulogging!

The other one that submitted is @mariannewest who was feeling a bit under the weather but she still beautifully explained her take on Ulog and told us of her day.

ULog 13 - What is a Ulog?

Both videos were uploaded and received curation votes from DLIVE!

So if you are having difficulty on what to post then make a short Ulog video explaining what Ulog means to you!

You will need to create a video explaining what Ulog is to you in your own words. It would be great if you say your steemit name or hold a piece of paper with your steemit name and #ulogger

If you do not want to show your face it is okay, hide behind a mask or do a voice over an image or picture what we want to hear is your voice. It needs to be a video format and so unfortunately no dsound or just a recording can be accepted.

You can create a post using Steemit, Busy, Ulogs, Dtube, Dlive, Youtube or whatever medium you want and just leave the link to this post. Who knows it might get curated.

You can also opt not to make a post and just comment your video here. No required length of time for your video although it would be hard to explain it in 10 seconds.

You can choose to do it in your native language but please have English subtitles in your video if ever.

Once you submit the video you will be giving me rights to edit it.


The contest will run for two weeks and final day of submission would be July 4, 2018.


It is that simple and would be beneficial to other people who are still having second thoughts on showing the Ulog Movement!

Contest Mechanics taken from the previous post Ulog Contest | Explain what Ulog is to you in a video | 10 SBI shares prize


Footer by @ameliabartlett


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I am not promising I can join but this is a real great way I can express myself in a video on what uLogging is all about. I still have the camera shyness at this point but I will try to overcome it since I must create videos of reacting to reactors as a niche that I have chosen.

That is a good niche then. I join all contests that I can find and put them in the steemgigs channel. If I can't join the least I can do is upvote it.

I hope that you will try to submit one because this is for our MVP, our boy Terry @surpassinggoogle.

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I hope you get many more entries!!
Coming back with a vote tomorrow... :)

Yes I hope so too Marianne! It will be an awesome thing to have!

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voted. Wished it could be more... Soon... We all will be big whales, right? LOL

Goodluck on those participating on this contest! This is a great way to hold each other's hand in the community and just keep on steeming! :)

How about you Dawnee! would you join hahahha you can cover your face or do a voice over!

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I have never done a ULOG before, so I would not be in a position to explain it. But i will resteem this post to get you more entries! Best of luck!!

Oh a Ulog is basically you blogging about anything under the sun! It can of any topic of any medium like writing, pictures or videos. What is important is it is yours and it is fresh.

Give Ulogs a shot and if you have any questions you can reach me in the Steemgigs discord channel https://discord.gg/ajnWGxJ

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Wow well I want people to dive more on this one really, I'm so glad I could come up with this

I hope so too and get more people to join in and add their video!

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I'm taking part in this, be expecting my entry...

That would be awesome and I look forward to your entry!

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Work is on going on it....

I think my entry might qualify ;p. Blessings to you for all you do!

Oh my!!! Thank you so much for doing this I really appreciate it!!

I appreciate you! ;p

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