A late phone call with mom

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My dearest mother called me last night. I'm sure she did so because my older brother must have told her of my plans. To be honest with you, I was not really worried, as I happen to have one of the craziest most free thinking mothers I think exist. I mean, I've not done the research, but for as long as I can remember she's always been one to care very little about "what's normal".

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I often think of how it must have been to be such a free spirit growing up, to defy the social norms as much as she did. Organized religion, socio-economic norms, the status quo, all those things she was always vocal against, regardless of many times she would get the "crazy" label attached to her name.

Person A - "What?? you've not baptized your kids??? Why???"
Mom - "Because I want their faith to be their choice..."

Examples, I have thousands, she never cared, she still doesn't. She has always believed in the principle of live and let live, of giving kindness first, and that example is something I try to emulate as much as possible, and I'm sure I still fall short.

So, last night, she tells me that if I'm ready to move to the farm, she's ready to help me in every way she can. In her mind, her almost 40 year old kid moving to grandpa's farm, is not a reason for worry, it's not even a reason to be sad, to feel the need to council, to lecture, or anything of the sort. For her this upcoming event is just an opportunity for me to be happier, she told me so herself.

She's never hesitated to tell us, her children, how proud she is. And honestly, there is nothing too great about any of us, we are just flawed humans, but I think her pride comes from the fact that at least, all of us have tried to carve our own way, all of us have tried to think for ourselves. I'm pretty sure that is what she means every time she says it. It's certainly not about our financial success, and she's never been one to pay much attention to that anyways...

One of the things she said to me last night gave me such peace, and it was a silly little thing really, but it was so undeniably true, that it gifted me hope. "As long as we have the land, and we are willing to put some work into it, we will never worry about food"- That is so true, so freaking true - Why would I have to worry about markets being down again, if my food comes mainly from our farm? If noone would knock on our door saying we are late on payments or anything of the sort?

That visualization, that little glimmer of peace felt so good, so promising, and it's precisely what I needed to hear her say. I'm lucky.... very lucky to have a crazy mother like mine.


Let's visit the farm! Aw that's so sweet....

i sincerely hope the helpies come visit... maybe we do a helpie meeting in South America, because why da hell not??

I will 100% come if you're serious.

im dead serious

Having open minded parents is a blessing ! I would love to live on a farm, as a matter of fact I hope to move to the country side in the near future, the house prices in the cities are just ridiculous, plus I love being close to nature.

By the way dan... Are you on discord? Reach out to me bro, you are a positive dude, i like the stuff you've been writing.

I will definitely do that !

her almost 40 year old kid moving to grandpa's farm, is not a reason for worry, it's not even a reason to be sad

Historically, the way we expect to move out and make our own way from scratch is pretty weird. Taking over some of the family assets and maintaining and improving them is a totally appropriate thing for an adult grandchild to do. Until the last seventy years or so it was much more common to see a parent complaining about a child not doing that.

That's true, Tim. I mean, yeah. Me moving away 3 hours from where I grew up makes my mom sad. While, at the same time, she wants me to make my way in the world. My sister lives in my grandparents' house now. It's such a blessing for her. I think your mom must be over the moon to have you coming back. I would be so happy if I was her. It would be any mother's dream, I'd think . Especially even more so because she'll see you doing so well in this new world of crypto. I've told you before and I'll say it in front of everyone, I think you're going to be a millionaire one day. You're working too hard to avoid it happening. So get ready for a bigger garden someday. I see it coming.

I never thought of that, but that does make a lot of sense to me...

Hi meno.How we going to do a house warming. Must we all bring a chicken or a goat? I think it sounds rather bloody nice living of the land with fewer worries than normal.

Your mom sounds exactly like mine, asking me at teenager age 'look we didnt baptize you, but you can choose any religion you want and we are okay with it'

Its a way of thinking we can only be proud of to have this as a rolemodel. And she is right, what you worry about, you guys will all get by. Its a matter of putting this in perspective

im sure she got flack for it too... but that's what makes them awesome, right?

I think it's one of the world's pleasurable things: having someone who supports you. And though things might not be great all the time, having someone who understands and supports you during those periods of uncertainty is priceless.

100% my friend... priceless indeed...

Estimado amigo, me hace tan feliz leerte hoy, tu mensaje ha sido claro y esperanzador...
Me llamaron la atención, as siguientes frases:
  • Ella siempre se ha preocupado por "lo que es normal"
  • "Mientras tengamos la tierra, y estemos dispuestos a poner algo de trabajo en ella, nunca nos preocuparemos por la comida"
  • Tengo suerte ... muy afortunado de tener una madre loca como la mía.
  • Eres un gran afortunado de tener a tu madre con vida, y mas aún que sea "como tú la describes", te felicito, te mando un abrazo enorme desde Venezuela, ánimo @meno.
    Dear friend, it makes me so happy to read you today, your message has been clear and hopeful...
    I was struck by the following phrases:
  • She's always worried about "what's normal"
  • As long as we have the land, and are willing to put some work into it, we will never worry about food"
  • I'm lucky... very lucky to have a crazy mother like mine.
  • You are very lucky to have your mother alive, and even more so that she is "as you describe her", I congratulate you, I send you a big hug from Venezuela, courage @meno

    Living the farm life is the best life, imo. You get to be with your mom? Chalk that up as a double win! I love my mom!

    You mentioned South America in a response above, is that where the farm is located?

    yeah, she moved to a farm in the coast of Ecuador about 20 years go or so... a little paradise imo

    Sounds amazing. I work in a kitchen with a few guys from Ecuador. I feel like it's a hidden gem that gets a bad rap from the media. You live there currently?

    yes, that sounds about right... i dont live there currently, no... that's the plan, she does!

    Sorry, I meant Ecuador., not the farm specifically. Or are you in a different country?

    Yes, as they say round these parts... i live in 'merica

    Ah, gotcha. Even more reason to head to the farm :) Best of luck with whatever path you choose.

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    We are sustained by the land, and to the land we shall return.

    I understand you friend, comfort so much the support of someone special enjoy it live it ... friend you can go through my last message knowing a bit my story and the reality that many are unaware

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