Ulog #27: Sundays Mean Press Start

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Ulog #27
Date: August 12, 2018, Sunday, 3 pm
Title: Sundays Mean Press Start

There's just many things that's handicapping me right now and I have a lot of roles to fill and a lot of things to do. My being is tired but I know I can't stop, because if I do, then it will spiral down to negativity and depression. I need to keep distracting myself to keep me going.

It is Sunday, a start of a new week. I have lost my sense of days, sometimes I no longer know what day of the week it is. Sunday is a good day, because it signifies a new week. A new phase to start, if you let it.

Sunday makes me think what are the new things I can do this week? How can I change things this time? Though I am not a person to pressure myself to do things I am not into doing, it gets me some perspective to accomplish something.

Sunday is my rest day. In fact, I only have one goal on Sundays other than spending the day with the fam, it's to have pancakes for breakfast all alone watching the sea and I do this in a fastfood place. It is lonely but I need it to think about the chaos, the calm and life.

When life gets from crappy to crappier or crappiest, don't forget there are Sundays and a Sunday is a good day to start it all over again. That's what Sunday means and that's what Sundays are made for.

Sundays are for boots, reboots and a good start! Cheers!



Well I hope you have a positive and uplifting Sunday @mermaidvampire. It is indeed a good day to take stock, unwind and replenish.

I am. I hope you are, too. I'm starting an eco campaign with dear friends, this one is for mama Earth. This Sunday is indeed a new start of something for me. Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate the well wishes and support.

Only a pleasure hon 💜💙💚

pancakes are in most cases a good thing ...

Gee, yes they are! I like cutting a part of it and making it look like Pacman. That's how I start it. Hahahaha!

OMG! I like you too much already. Hahaha! I like what's written on your bio on your profile, btw. Let me follow you to see more from you, keep steeming!

yes indeed, as we know sunday is the day to celebrate what we want to celebrate, this is the day that ourself must feel joy. For a long day, we're thankful that we reached sunday. Do as you like maam, it's sunday afteal.hehe cheers

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Gosh, @mrnightmare89, thank you for agreeing. Cheers! Let's set off to a good week.

haha, ofcourse madam, the most awaited day for me is sunday, relax day, and many people will are doing nothing anywhere.haha

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