I Reached My Passive Income Goals

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I keep a manifestation journal.

In it, I have a list of the things I am manifesting.

To concentrate my energy, I make an affirmation question and write it over and over again. Usually my requests to the Universe are filled. Sometimes, I can feel that they are on their way, tangible sort of, like food that you can taste while it is still on the cooker.

Bild von John Hain auf Pixabay

Sometimes, after I manifest something, I realize that I should have been more specific, or should have dreamed bigger.

When I wanted so badly to stay in San Diego, I prayed and manifested and wrote, for a nice apartment for me and my kids.

What would it take to have an apartment in Chula Vista
What would it take to have an apartment I could easily afford in Chula Vista
What would it take to find the perfect home for me and my kids

Once I was living in the apartment. I was thankful, but also knowledgeable, that I could do better. Of course, I understand that there are stepping stools, and I was happy with my stepping stool. Still, my next page, after the:

Thank you for my Chula Vista Apartment

Was What would it take to own a Chula Vista Condo.

I am there. And I am sitting pretty in it, manifesting new windows and carpets, thankful for my brand new dryer.

Sometimes I write:
What would it take to have a Chula Vista Mansion and sometimes What would it take to have a home so big and comfortable I could easily host family parties (I have a very large family)

But when I write those, I feel a little bit "not there yet." And I work on filling my energy levels to the point where I know I can and will. I can feel the energy moving out there, and I can feel it being a matter of time. But, my manifestation is not quite there yet, and that's ok. I simply keep working on it. Remembering that What would it take to be able to live in Chula Vista and What would it take to be a property owner both seemed impossible, until one day they weren't.

What would it take to have passive income streams

Recently, I realized that my manifestation of having multiple passive income streams is already here.

And that I need to be more specific with the amounts, and more open to where the income comes from.

The passive income streams were too broad, and did not give amounts, so the manifestation is here, it just needs a little guidance.

Here are some of the passive income streams I have (streams that I have to do NOTHING for except, watch them accumulate, and sometimes hit the collect button):

Daily Actifit payout, that pay in actifit tokens and steem

Weekly Dlike payout, that pay in tokens and steem

Daily Qurator Payouts, that pay in both tokens, and steem

Drugwars Payouts This one is a little more "work" since I have to collect my "drugs" and then transfer to tokens*

Interest Rate on my Steem

Daily Kittens from my CATS

Monthly steem-ace payout from being a steem-ace token holder

Curation rewards from automatically following the steemitmamas trail

SPI Tokens from leasing out my STEEMLEO tokens

SPI Token growth

I kept shrugging these income streams away because they are pennies, or percentages of pennies. But now I am moving into being thankful.

I asked for multiple passive income streams, and I got them.

Now, it is a matter, of shifting my reality some decimal places over.I realize that if the steem price moves, just one decimal place over, these trickle investments will be large enough to help with a small bill or two. I also realize that if I let them sit even longer, and they continue performing like they have been, then in time, they will be able to treat my kids to a movie or two.

And all I have to do is watch.

Bild von Cassundra Ryan auf Pixabay

This is me being thankful that I reached my passive income goals

and also me giving myself permission to go bigger, be more specific with amounts, and let myself ask for more

What would it take to have multiple income streams that pay hundreds of dollars per month each?

What would it take to have so many high paying income streams that all my bills are covered with them?

What would it take to have such a high passive income that I can never spend all the money I make no matter how hard I try

What would it be for my passive income streams to be so strong that any job I partake in and any work I do is for fun and enjoyment


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Inspiration story must told from you just continue what you love latter on turn into gold wait exact time

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Yes! That is exactly what I am waiting for. I now feel as if it is a matter of when. Steem has been holding at this value for a while, even if this is its new value, time will make it more profitable.


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Thank you!

Don't forget your CANNA token investment which has already gone up 10% in value ;-)

Glad to have you on Steem and I really enjoy reading your articles. Have you ever looked into possibly writing for another site such as Medium (few others I cant remember).

Thank you for that reminder. I did not realize my Canna Token would raise in value, I thought it was more for upvotes. I did great by investing there! Thank you for the opportunity.

I do write for another site, it is education based and they buy 1-3 of my articles per month. I also do some ghostwriting, but nothing I would call "serious" still, every day I get closer to making tangible money with my writing. Thank you for the encouragement.

Luck matters in everything, you are lucky your passive incomes are coming in. Everyone needs income but not lucky like you do

I guess it is luck. It all started with a palnet airdrop. So glad I kept the tokens instead of immediately selling them. This led to other tribes airdropping to me.

Airdrops are very much at telegram these days

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This is wonderful. @metzli. Good for you to be tracking all of this and thinking big.

I suggest you gather your writing into themes and publish on Amazon. They favor "shorts" now that are 7500-15000 words. You have such good advice about family, finances and other topics. Spend the time to get this on Kindle and the money comes in passively. I think you could easily do a book a month with all the old stuff you have already written. My books send me money each month and were not hard to create.

I need to take my own advice. Once you get 5+ books - the money is supposed to get better. I have 4 now :)

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Another thing to help you manifest some of your dreams is a game called Splinterlands.

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My account is now worth US$912. It only costs US$10 to create an account which then can be used as a second Steemit account or not. I think you can play for free

I am very grateful for it and the opportunities on this platform.
I also hope 2020 is full of positive changes and opportunities for you and everyone who reads this.

Yes! I am most definitely a Splinterlands player. My name on there is @monstermama. I started with the $10 USD but I must admit I have put cash in there a few times to help me with summoners and such. I didn't pay much attention to how much I "invested" because I was playing only for fun.

Once I realized what an awesome investment it was I started taking it more seriously and now regularly reach gold league, not every time, but many times.

Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't include it in my "passive income" list because you actually have to tend to your cards, something I don't much mind doing.

That's awesome news! I was worried that I was advertising a little too much, but I am glad that you are doing well with your account.

I got to Gold III with the last tournament but it's only been my 4th time ever.
If you use Peakmonsters it's a lot easier now. I lease out my cards and I can get $0.3 - $0.15 a day in residual payments. I've made about 6 Steem so far.

But even DEC might be worth a bit in the future if we save it.

I love this idea
And you are right
These similar things happen to me but I am always looking at the "not haves"
But when I used to focus on the "haves" I get more "haves" to focus on
Thank you for this little reminder <33

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