#ulog no. 4: A Memorable Groomsman Experience

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Hi steemians,

(This blog aims to sequence events and highlight some marriage traditions.)

I wanna share my experience as a groomsman in the wedding of my friend that was once my neighbor. She was a girl who went to Japan years back when she was only sixteen after she graduated high school here in the Philippines. It was at the year of 2009 to 2010 when I last saw Charmaine Suyama and I didn't even pay attention that much before I realized I was less mature when I was 10 to 11 years old. Some time in my life I have heard of her working at Japan instead of going to college, for working gave her more opportunities than college. Still, I haven't payed much attention not until on April 2018 when I was invited not only to be an attendee but to be one of the groomsmen of her wedding on June 4, 2018. I was really shocked to hear a friend that time wanted me to meet again but only to see her wed. It made me realized that time passes so fast until your eyes begin to see what's really important. I'm so happy that she didn't forget me and decided to have me in one of her best days in life. Charmaine and Yuta were already married in Japan but Charmaine insisted to redo the marriage here in the Philippines because it's more joyful here.

IMG_20180605_233703.jpgThis was the photo I took with the Bride and Groom: Charmaine and Yuta Horiguchi.

IMG_20180607_001607.jpgThese were the invitation cards. I got my name spelled wrong. Lol.

I didn't know much about their love story but watching both of them together with their families even though the groom's side had a hard time communicating with Charmaine's relatives for they weren't fluent in English, I can see the happiness and acceptance in them. It was unlikely to have a Filipina love a Japanese but it was a match made in heaven.

Of course, as what this post is titled for, I wanna share my experiences on that beautiful day.

1. Early at 8 A.M. on June 4, I went to the said venue which is at Solea Mactan Cebu Resort together with my friends which were also the groomsmen of the event. We didn't expect Charmaine to offer us breakfast in the Hotel's Buffet Restaurant.
2. This was my plate. I was surprised when I found out that the day of marriage is the birthday of both Charmaine and my groomsman friend, Allen (The one near to the camera in the 3rd picture).
As Charmaine requested to the workers of the restaurant, a special cake was given and a birthday song was sung to Allen. Same things were also done to Charmaine before we arrived.
3. After eating, all groomsmen went upstairs to change attires for the photoshoot. Before I changed clothes, I let Allen took a picture of me with the wonderful view at the Solea Hotel Room's Balcony.
4. Then I took a picture of myself in a groomsman attire before went to the photoshoot. The pictures of us, groomsmen, in our photoshoot with the groom was not given to me. I was not able to capture those funny moments in the shoot because we were so busy fulfilling the cameraman's desire.

The photoshoot ended at 12 N.N. We then ate our ready-packed lunch and we watched the T.V. because that time was so boring. On 3:45 P.M., we were called to assemble in the beach for the Beach Wedding will begin at 4.

5. When we were already at the beach, I took this picture when it was about to start.
6. Then I took both of these pictures when we were falling in line and were about to march in pair with the bridesmaids in the walkway.
7. First to march were the sponsors, then us, the groomsmen with bridesmaids, then the groom to meet both of the bride's parents. This was the next picture I captured when I was already in my seat: Yuta, the groom, waited for Charmaine.
8. Then as you can see, Charmaine, the bride, walk towards her parents and together with her dad, meet Yuta.
9. Next is when both the Charmaine and Yuta walk towards Yuta's parents.
10. The pastor arrived and greeted both of them. The wedding could not be all English language for the Japanese citizens were not fluent enough and cannot understand properly. In the wedding, there was a translator for the pastor's words. It was not a priest because Charmaine's family was not of a Roman Catholic religion but of another Christian Religion.
11. This was the picture after they exchanged rings.
12. This was the last picture I took before the mass ended. The part when both of them accepted and vowed their duties and then the groom kissed the bride.
After the mass was the picture-taking of the couple together with the people present.
13. First picture I took after the mass was their picture together.
14. Next, was both of them together with their parents.
15. And these were the last pictures I took before the Couple and the Entourage resumed on the photoshoot: my picture with them and the picture when we were about to throw flower petals as they pass between us.
During the sunset photoshoot, I was able to capture these images.
16. A picture of me sitting in the white sand (The camera focus made it ignore the sunset)and the picture where it looked like I was holding the small island in the sea.
17. I captured the Solea Hotel in the wonderful colors of sunset.
18. This was the last picture I captured before we went to the reception. The spotlight I used was the Van's front lights lol.

When we got into the reception, the Couple and the Entourage, the groomsmen and bridesmaids, were formally introduced. It was in Solea's Event Hall

19. Charmaine and Yuta danced under the disco lights after being introduced.

After the dance, we had dinner. I have not taken pictures during this time because my phone went off.

20. After eating, the next pictures I got were the Wedding Traditions of Cake Slicing and Wine Toasting.
21. The next tradition was the money dance. They danced while people pinned some money-filled envelopes in the blue sashes. The money acquired will be used for their honeymoon.

Next, was the dancing game. I was not able to take pictures because I was one of the players. The boys got girl partners to dance every music genre. After every song, the couple will choose the best dancing partner to be out of the game. I was glad we weren't the last pair left because the last pair will be having a consequence.

The next tradition was the garter removal. The groom removes the hidden garter in the bride's thigh. The consequence of the last pair of players was to have the boy reattach the garter to the girl's legs as high as she allows. Lol.

21. I was not able to take pictures of Yuta removing the garter but I was able to capture the pair players as the boy attaches the garter in the girl's legs. In the picture, you can see how funny that moment was.
22. Before the last part of the event, Charmaine was requested to dance with his Father, Grandfather and Father-in-Law.
23. Also, Yuta was asked to dance with her Mother, her Mother-in-Lawand her Sister(which I was not able to capture for my phone battery was already dead).
The bride's dance with the 3 important men in her life and the groom's dance with the 3 important women in his life are also traditions of marriage not only here in the Philippines.

The last part was the short film and photo presentations that were made in just less than 24 hours from the photoshoots!

After that, we went home. I realized that life events such as the Wedding Day are very much important and that we all need to make such days memorable. Marriage is not the happy ending of a love story but is a mere event of combining two loving hearts as one. It is the beginning of another step in life where lovers begin to face new problems and new celebrations in life. Of course, problems always have solutions and it is an everyday challenge to continue with your journey in amidst of these difficulties and happiness.

If you want to have a wonderful presentation of your wedding here in the Philippines, please remember to contact for Paopao Sanchez Photography and Team Panda Films. I was really amazed with the final presentation. About the awesome attire, it's from Kolosas Boutique here in Cebu. And also the venue, in Solea Mactan Cebu Resort, not only the place is beautiful but it is also occupied with Asian foreigners mostly Koreans and Japanese.

The marriage traditions have their meanings and you could search how important they represent. Sometimes they can be so fun.

I hope you guys enjoyed my #ulog post as much as I do. Thank you for reading.

By: @neilrichmond


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