#ulog no. 5: A change of snack type for this day

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Hi steemians, I wanna share my story of the day.
(This post aims to promote fruits and vegetables as substitute for unhealthy snacks.)

It started when I was hungry hours before lunch and I went to ask mother if she got any junk foods or any snacks. I was shocked that she gave me a bowl of yummy grapes. It was at that moment when I thought that I am able to substitute healthier foods such as this bunch of grapes instead of salty or sweet junk foods. Come to think of it, fruits were mainly prepared for after meals but you could use some to satisfy your cravings of eating during recreations. Although fruits are more expensive than our common snacks which are biscuits, crackers and junk foods, they are more nutritious for they give lots of vitamins and they also help you with your bowel movement. They are priced according to their seasons and sometimes, they can really be delicious and cheap at the same time.

This is the bunch of grapes that my mother gave to me. I took this picture and decided to share a story of it with you guys because it is really delicious in both looks and taste.

Not long after mother gave me grapes, my sister came from work and bought two orders of Vegetable Salad (Because tomatoes are considered as fruits, it's not 100% vegetables really. Lol.). The salad was composed of fresh cucumbers, lettuces, turnips, carrots and tomatoes together with the creamy honey-mustard salad dressing. I was really lucky to have these healthy foods to eat because it is not everyday that I am able to eat them as a snack. I thanked God because I have learned their importance and I will try my best to choose them over unhealthy foods as my snacks. I know many people hate these type of foods but I'm sure they will realize that these foods can maintain youth and improve immunity against diseases once they will train, not force, themselves of eating fruits and vegetables.

This are the grapes together with the vegetable salads. I took this picture with my phone, the Xiaomi Redmi S2. They taste better than how they look.

This photo is from my sister's Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I included this photo because it had the Creamy honey-mustard Salad Dressings in it.

I hope you guys have learned something or at least crave for fruits and vegetables as you read this post.

Thanks @surpassinggoogle for the #ulog.
Thank you guys for reading my post.
By: @neilrichmond


fantastic and healthy grapes and delicious food

Wow! You nailed it ☺

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