Ulog 03: Pillar of a Relationship: Open Communication and Bonding

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Good evening fellow Steemians!. Its time for #ulog post again. My day went as usual wake up @ 8 am to prepare for work and go back home 8 in the evening. My husband have the same schedule as mine. We don’t often go out for a date since we’re delving into our priorities right now. We are finding ways to save every penny to make it a reality. We’re still buckling up our belt tight to make our budget suffice with the ongoing project we're working on.

My husband always finds a chance for us to bond even in simple ways like tonight ,we decided to route stop before going home. A short dinner with loooong conversation, we ate (isaw) chicken intestine and barbecue. It is affordable yet appetizing.


We set up fancy dates during special occasions like anniversaries but most of the time we’re dining home. For me, nothing beats the food cooked at home. Aside from I can save from it, I can cook for my husband and serve it with love:)

One pillar of a stronger relationship is open communication and bonding. A simple dine in or snacks together would be enough. A simple question to your partner how’s her day goin’ matters a lot. It is an indication that you care with your partner whereabouts. It is strengthening the emotional connection for both of you. When we are emotionally attached to our partner, it builds trust, honesty and respect which will help the relationship grow. It is important that we are in tune of our partner’s wants and needs.


Let’s spend time to talk to our partner. We should classify it as one of our top priority.

More Pillars to come,


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Ahhh how sweet <3 okay nagyud kaayo ko ing ani nga dates, simple but very memorable. You two are so lucky to have each other <3

yey! thank you @smaeunabs. Muabot ra jud na imung forever basin sa barbecuehan nimu makit an ahahaha..

yay ganahan kaayo ko ana @orhem! <3 bahalag maski asa nako makit-an, basta afam lang gyud. #afamgoals2018 hahahaha

true.. we should always spend time sa atong partners.. labi na kaon2x :D

Wahahaha btaw sa kaun kaun jud mi pirme magksnbot kamu sad ni francis sa? Bbq lng tag kinse solve na imp.ang bnding🙌🙌

hahaha..uu...basta kaon jud

One pillar of a stronger relationship is open communication and bonding.

I so agree with this statement! And this does not only apply to couple but to all kinds of relationships! I don't have a partner right now but I apply this principle with my friends and it makes our relationship even more stronger! Time and an honest genuine conversation creates a deeper connection with others! @orhem I want to thank you by the way for your constant support on my blogs! I really feel like we are already friends even though we haven't seen each other in person yet. I appreciate you for always taking the time to read my posts! You are such a lovely person with a good heart! Keep up the good job and looking forward for your future posts!

yey! nidako akong heart thank you @indayclara.Your post is always worth reading labi na imung mga travels ma amaze ko mura kog nag tour niya maau kayka muenglish ahahaha bilib ko nimu, you're genuine and beautiful in and out! Hoping to meet you in person!

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